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04-24-2013 , 08:56 AM
Get me Stackin'!
05-22-2013 , 12:00 AM
Originally Posted by KeyGrip510
I felt that the super technical and math side of the game was already covered pretty in depth. I wanted to bring a fun laid back approach to learning the game that's still educational but much more enjoyable.

No hate on the other teachers out there, I have become SO much better thanks to their in depth technical analysis. And very thankful for all the training sites out there.

Really appreciate the support from you guys and will continue to keep on crankin on the videos. Running out of get me stackin' questions tho, maybe some 2p2ers could send some in!

keep on stackin'
Yo Evan.

Your vids have really helped me out a ton. I watched a bunch of your vids last summer, and you're literally the only person whose poker training vids I've really watched. They basically took me from the micros to SSNL. Cant thank you enough bro. Keep up the good work!
07-07-2013 , 03:25 PM
Evan is currently in Las Vegas for the WSOP but expect more excelent poker videos when he comes back.