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When to use nash vs waiting for a strong hand.

In my playtime so far, I have been waiting til around 8bb to play shove/fold in spins. For these situations should I be looking to memorize a nash chart or just push value hands like 77+ Ajo+ kjo+ a2s+, k8s+ and why

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Re: When to use nash vs waiting for a strong hand.

It's important to realize that NASH is an equilibrium for a game where the small blind can only shove or fold. It doesn't account for a limp or minraise.

For the small blind, you should be pushing at least NASH in the 7bb or less area. If an opponent is folding too often, you would literally push up to every single hand as well.

I've seen some compelling evidence that limping down to 6 or 7bb against certain opponents is better too. Hell, you might even limp slightly lower vs the right (albeit, rare) opponent. Weak passive opponents would be the primary target, as they would rare steal preflop and would frequently fold postflop to a steal bet, resulting in a strategy that is sometimes more profitable than playing shove-fold.

For the BB, it depends on what your opponent is doing. If they are minraising, limping, folding and shoving, then NASH is completely irrelevant. You probably want to look at all in hands that the opponents on your site/level are shoving from the small blind at various stack sizes, and run some calculations on something like InstaGTO, PioSolver or CoffeeCalcs and determine what hands you should be calling with. Poor players often get fancy with AA/KK type stuff, so make sure to account for that if you notice players limping or minraising that stuff at low stack sizes. They also tend to more frequently misunderstand fold equity and committed chips to the pot, so look for ways to exploit that too.

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Re: When to use nash vs waiting for a strong hand.

as an exploit vs someone who isn't aggro vs your limps shallow you can limp cbet almost every single hand on broadway boards or check down and try to hit a pair/bet river/turn and go for some bluffs as well. i think just shoving nash is bad vs most people and calling nash is most certainly bad against recs because they aren't shoving wide enough for you to merit calling it off
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Re: When to use nash vs waiting for a strong hand.

even at 6-7bb exploitat line?
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