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Originally Posted by jackstack99 View Post
80 games is no sample at all so i dont recommend doing that anytime soon, why do you have only 80 games? that's basically one day or less of grinding
Hey i'm playing in france that's mean we can play only with french people so the traffic is very low !
And second reason i'm playing only plo sng

80 - 100 games is one week of grinding for me 5 or 6 hours online per day i think i will multi room because actually i play only on one room

So i continue on my limit until i play 4k games

many thanks for your advice dude !
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Do you ever think about not sharing with some other guys at nosebleeds (500s/1ks)? Would it be worthwhile, or do you not want to deal with battling at that high level?

Any thoughts/plans on picking up other games (hucash or deeper husngs, $500 spins, etc)?

Comments on bubble getting into 200s?

Comments on making 1ks and battling Vbv? Are edges still attainable at that level or is the key making yourself too annoying to deal with?

Single most important pt4 filter to use or line to analyze to increase edge and crush everyone?

ETA on learning to multiquote on 2p2?

Obv np if you can't answer some of these, thanks for the well!
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Old 04-18-2018, 03:20 PM   #203
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Thought on Winamax, is that really a bot fest ?

Do you know why people are playing spins on Partypoker, when it seems like there's no recreationals in the pool ?

Is Pokerstars the only bot free site ?

When a nosebleed cartel member at a Joeingram podcast ?
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