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Raul De Vega Sanchez (Sixthf¡nger) & Antonio Galiana Ortega (Tellmem0re) SCAM

Raul De Vega Sanchez and Antonio Galiana Ortega stole and defrauded us (Team651) of $94,180.70 over the course of the last 12 months, using a scam designed to fake Spin & Go hand histories and audits on and exploit an EV deal that was in place for both named players as well as a third, JackandJazz777 aka Juan Jesus Del Pino Campos, who we have reason to believe was a multi-account set up by Raul and Galiana.

All three players were registered as living in Bournemouth (UK) but are residing in Malaga, Spain. This was confirmed by a close friend of their’s on Skype.

Galiana started with T651 as a $100s player on September 5th 2017 and ended his deal July 29th 2018.

Raul started on September 5th 2017 as well, and after a sustained period of seemingly good results was moved to the $500 level for the last 3 months where he took this scam to a new level.

Juan started at $30s February 19th, 2018 and rapidly moved up with his fake EV results to $100s by August.


We offer EV deals to players; essentially the player is paid a certain % of their EV in all games played. At the end of each month, our admin manager reviews each player’s results using their Pokerstars audit and hands emailed to them by Stars (the hands are used for preparing EV results like this and deleted after).

Once their EV is calculated, we pay each player his % of the EV and we either send the player their payment, or have the player cashout their payment from the bankroll sent, with excess funds being returned to us.

Raul was adamant that our deal be kept private due to Spanish law about gambling, and all three of them requested that the EV report be compiled on their PC as to keep complete control of their hand history. Our manager would teamview into their computer, watch them download the (fake) link from pokerstars, and compile the EV report in Pt4.

Suspicions were raised after 20/20 months of running far below EV between the three of them, and checking with our highest volume players and them saying they’d never seen them on the tables. Also Texi from spinbeasts warning us about applications from Spanish players using fake handhistories from .

Taking various tournament IDs from the players’ audits and entering them into the Stars client (where you can search said ID and see details of the tournament), we saw the tournament IDs did not correspond to the actual games played and consisted of unrelated games:

Raul's June Audit:

Tournament summary from first tournament in June:

Raul July Audit:

Tournament summary from first tournament in July:

Galiana April Audit:

Galiana April 1st Tournament History #1:

They had been tampered with to appear legitimate, and the names/results were changed in order to look like they had been played by these three players at the higher stakes.

The Pokerstars audits sent by the players were entirely fake: the players had used a spoof URL (changing ‘rationalwebservices’ to rationalswebservices) and created a website perfectly imitating the audit site for Pokerstars. Raul, Galiana and Juan all had uploaded fake audits to our audit software to defraud us of the $94,180.70 over the course of the last year.


On September 18th we initiated a conversation with the most significant offender, Raul, on Skype asking him about his current ‘holiday’ in Spain, to which he was very responsive. T651 then told Raul that we knew he had faked his results for the previous month (not revealing the knowledge that he had done this for every month in which he had been staked), and asked him to send back the $13,000 that was in his bankroll immediately.

Raul chose to deny the accusation and counter-threaten legal action through his family whom he claimed were lawyers. He agreed to send back said bankroll on Sunday September 23rd, 5 days away) when he returned to the UK from Spain. He feigned disgust and continued to protest his innocence and ‘anger’ at the accusation despite being presented with evidence.

On that Sunday, September 23rd, Raul did not send the bankroll back to us and refused to make contact - he has not been in touch since. We had contacted Pokerstars during that week and made them aware of the unfolding situation with them. They responded by locking their accounts until the situation is resolved. Our latest reloads of $16,678.60 to Raul and $4000 to JackandJazz777 are likely still in the accounts as it would take some time grinding to be able to cash it out.

During this period, Antonio remained in contact and agreed to try and pass long messages to Raul. Antonio was not aware that T651 had also discovered his fraudulent activity. He began to distance himself from Raul, claiming to ‘not know him that well’ (this despite Raul & Antonio’s close friend confirming that both players were living together, using a VPN to play on .com , and multi-accounting on the Galiana SN in .ES 250 spins).

We reached out to Juan (JackandJazz777)- whose profile on LinkedIn shows him as an architect in Malaga, Spain. The conversation is in the pictures below. He blocked me on LinkedIn and has not made contact since. It is unknown at what level he was involved in this scam apart from lending out his ID.


We contacted a well-known Spanish player who previously ran a team for Spanish Spin players.
He immediately realized that both Raul and Antonio, who had been part of his team, had done the same scam on him. He said Raul had even met his partner in the UK and agreed to send back the bankroll, and then never did.

If anyone has further information about these players or advice on the next steps to take, please post below or contact me via PM.

August $16,678.60 transfer to Raul:

Raul $500s May EV report:

Raul $500s June EV report:

Galiana faking his way to elite $100s reg on .com

Juan Jesus Del Pino Linked in and Convo:

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Re: Raul De Vega Sanchez (Sixthf¡nger) & Antonio Galiana Ortega (Tellmem0re) SCAM

Imagine selling your soul for 94k.

I'll be waving from Heaven .

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Re: Raul De Vega Sanchez (Sixthf¡nger) & Antonio Galiana Ortega (Tellmem0re) SCAM

Originally Posted by GodBless View Post
Imagine selling your soul for 94k.
many have sold theirs for a lot less
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old hand
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Re: Raul De Vega Sanchez (Sixthf¡nger) & Antonio Galiana Ortega (Tellmem0re) SCAM

absolute scum knowing the t651 owners for years they would do anything to help anyone. saddens me greatly they have been ****ed over so badly here

hopefully karma exists and these rat ****s get what they deserve
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Re: Raul De Vega Sanchez (Sixthf¡nger) & Antonio Galiana Ortega (Tellmem0re) SCAM

This is so ****ed. Hope you get your $ back, guys. I got nothing but good words for Team651.
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Re: Raul De Vega Sanchez (Sixthf¡nger) & Antonio Galiana Ortega (Tellmem0re) SCAM

I was in a school with them, and I am impressed how horrible the human being can be, I think we should meditate the opportunity that the schools give us to play with money that is not ours, that with effort and years these people deposit in us as contracted, I pray to God that his mercy will make these two people understand that such acts do not lead to anything good. (Incredible very incredible)
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joy boy
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Re: Raul De Vega Sanchez (Sixthf¡nger) & Antonio Galiana Ortega (Tellmem0re) SCAM

oh man,its a shame that death penalty isnt included in spain.
hope karma exists boss!
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Re: Raul De Vega Sanchez (Sixthf¡nger) & Antonio Galiana Ortega (Tellmem0re) SCAM

It's simple, they can repent or perish. Pay back 651 and ask forgiveness from God. You are young. There is still hope.

Mark 8:36 (KJV)
36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

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Re: Raul De Vega Sanchez (Sixthf¡nger) & Antonio Galiana Ortega (Tellmem0re) SCAM

World would be just a little bit better without those two dirtbags in it. Wondering how they can wake up each day and look at the mirror.
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