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Re: march LC thread TV SHOWS weee

Originally Posted by seboutchhh View Post
No way dude, the office is still the nuts! It's just as good now that steve carell left!
I feel like they are wasting Robert Kalifornia. His character started out so well, but it's just kind of treading water now to me.

It's still a good show though, better than I expected them to handle Carell leaving.

Originally Posted by Dalglish View Post
anyone else a little disappointed with the first ep of game of thrones?
Not me, loved it.

Originally Posted by Cog Dissonance View Post
The first season of community was funny and then it jumped the shark
Stopped watching it this season, I hope I made a mistake though.

Originally Posted by chadders0 View Post
This is an interesting read indeed, basically explains why the people at HBO are such bosses and why basically everyone else producing fictional tv shows sucks dick
Haha, yes!

Originally Posted by Punch Dancer View Post
I'd say 30 rock is way up there. There are a ton of seasons and it never takes itself too seriously.

Any love for madmen ITT? I just can't get enough of that show and I have no idea why.

Also to anyone who is a fk'ing nerd, Battlestar Galactica is probably my favorite series ever and there are like 100 million hours of it to watch.
30rock has been consistently funny and Mad Men consistently good from start to present (besides short term dips, which happen with most any show/plus subjectivity of viewer).


That Once Upon a Time show was quite disappointing, I thought it would be better, close to that TV Alice in Wonderland mini series (the one that started off so gold and ended simply decent-good). Only watched a handful, but that felt like it was too long already.

The late night shows are also disappointing (maybe you non US guys don't watch them, but the Leno, Letterman, Conan, Fallon/other people guys on late, it seems an event when one of them says something funny these days).
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Re: march LC thread TV SHOWS weee

Originally Posted by ITRIED2WARNU View Post
lol great
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Re: march LC thread TV SHOWS weee

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