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How should we adjust to high vpip fish that are super sticky?

How do we adjust our ranges and playstyle to this specific villian :

- high vpip preflop
- barely 3bets
- hard time folding any draw/pair regardless of bet size
- often calling shoves with marginal hands

What is the max value play?

3 handed if we raise the button alot of hands will end up 3 ways. Should we cut out hands from our range that dont play well 3 ways such as low and medium Ax and offsuit hands like K9 and add even more suited hands like 86s etc? Should we even limp a bunch ourselves? Should we shove our high Ax to avoid going 3 ways? What about our low to medium pocket pairs? Without flopping a set it will be pretty hard to take it down.

How do we adjust postflop? Do we make some cbet shoves to protect our hand when we have a good top pair on we bet boards etc? Would be interesting to hear some opinions.
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