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GTO messing with my head

15BB limped bot...
flop AsKs7
We sit in BB 5s8o
SB bets 1BB,GTO says CALL! turn Qs..check check river 3s.
No we bet 2BBfor value...easy game...
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Re: GTO messing with my head

Flop is indifferent between call/raise/fold. River is indifferent between half pot bet and check (assuming not using smaller sizing). I think getting these points of indifference exactly right is not a primary driver of your overall strategy's EV.

Getting points of indifference right seems like what a lot of people focus on when they are first learning GTO (I did), and I think it is very backwards. I think having a general idea of where the boundaries to parts of your strategy are is useful. However, I think the benefits of getting these boundaries exactly right is not worth the opportunity cost - especially if you don't play in games where you are actually regularly implementing a true GTO strategy.

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