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WSOPC Choctaw Durant

My name is Phillip and I am looking to sell between 30%-40% at 1.11 for the following events. I have played live mid stakes cash for 10+ years. The last year I have been playing tournaments and I enjoy them more than cash games.

Total Buy Ins= $1800x1.11=$2000

2.5% Minimum please.

5% =$100
20% =$400
40% =$800

Friday 11-1 5:00 $600 PLO Ring #4
Saturday 11-2 12:00 $400 NLHE $200K Ring#5
Saturday 11-2 7:00 $400 NLHE Ring #6 Bounty
Sunday 11-3 2:00 $400 NLHE One Day Ring #7

Any unused bullet will be refunded with markup.0


*This package is for a percent of only what I cash for in the tournament, and does not include any endorsements/sponsorship deals or ANY other money outside of what is in the tournament prizepool.

* In the event of a large score all winnings will be subject to taxes. Before being paid, you will need to provide me with the proper tax info for me to pay you out. This includes, but is not limited to: a signed W-9 Form including: your name, address, social security number/tax id number). If you cannot/will not provide this information, that is ok, but be aware that I will withhold 30% of your share (or whatever % as directed by my accountant) before paying you.

*I reserve the right to cancel this package at any time, for any reason, prior to the start of the first tournament. I don't plan on it happening, but if I do need to cancel the package you will be refunded in full (including markup obviously).

*All payments MUST be received in FULL before I sit down at my table on the first day of the first tournament of this package or your action will canceled.
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Re: WSOPC Choctaw Durant

Sold 30% at venue
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