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WSOP Summer Package WSOP Summer Package

05-15-2024 , 11:32 AM
Hello all! Let's start with some shameless self promotion so y'all feel more comfortable letting me make you money. Daniel Weinman and Ben Mintz are good character references for me as well.

Hendon Mob:

I have been playing off and on the last few years around my main business in sales. I originally played professionally in 2013-14 and then finished college and got a job. Back in the day, I won $24k and a WSOP ring at my first FT and got 2nd in a $1620 main for $136k. I made the circuit TOC and bubbled it QQ<AA. I started playing again regularly in 2021 after I made an FT at Cherokee.

In the last two years, I have cashed for about $80k playing mostly $500 or lower buy-ins. I have been building big stacks nearly every time I play and I finally started winning online again (ACR). I also got some coaching last year and started studying GTO and preflop academy to shorten my learning curve and shore up any leaks in my game.

I am currently over $350k in career live cashes and I am itching for a new high score (11 years since my big one). I have made a deep run in Vegas each of the last two years but unfortunately it was in a Deepstack both times (1st, 3rd) so we won a little and lost a little the last 2 years at the WSOP. This year feels like my time. I just cashed 3 in a row locally in here in New Orleans (1st, 10th, 5th) and I have outright won 3 MTTs on ACR this week. Feeling good and running better. It's time to crush souls.

I will playing a $10k bankroll over 3 weeks around 2 expos I will be working as a vendor. I have normally used a spreadsheet to sell action but I have always reserved the right to change tourneys and add bullets if we have the funds so I am following Tryba's lead and switching to this format. Everything I play in Vegas will count as part of this package from June 14 - July 2nd.

Here is a list of potential tourneys I am targeting:

Event #38 $1500 Monster Stack

Event #54 $1500 Millionaire Maker

Event #62 $600 Deepstack

Event #64 $600 Deepstack

Event #67 $500 Warriors

Event #70 $400 Colossus

Event #78 $1000 Mini Main

I will likely play some of the daily deepstacks at the WSOP and I will keep my eyes open for any good tourneys in other series while I am there. If we hit a big score early, I will consider playing some of the $2k and $3k events as well. All cashes add to bankroll and all buy-ins will be subtracted. Final payouts will be made from the final balance based on % of bankroll purchased.

I will be selling up to 60% at 1.2 so $10k x 1.2 = $12k

1% = $120 (min)
5% = $600
10% = $1200
25% = $3000

In the event that less than $10k in buy-ins are played, markup will be refunded with the unused portion of the bankroll. No markup will be added if more than $10k in buy-ins are played.

Any cash over $5k profit (i.e. $6500 on $1500) will result in a taxable win and I will require a W9 in order to send a 1099 or I reserve the right to withhold 30%. For cashes over $100k, I may withhold up to 35% if no W9 is given.

I have been selling action on 2+2 for over 10 years with no issues. I pay promptly and I will create a rail thread and add you to an investor text group if you want. Many say the text updates are the 2nd best part of investing after the money as I send some pictures and cover a few key hands in depth. Please reply if you want a piece or DM for questions.

I accept zelle, paypal, venmo, cashapp, bitcoin or eth. Cash in person and personal check on case by case basis. All funds must be received in full before first buy-in or your stake will be cancelled.
WSOP Summer Package Quote
05-15-2024 , 11:32 AM
10% Sold privately

50% available
WSOP Summer Package Quote
05-15-2024 , 02:07 PM
15% sold

35% left
WSOP Summer Package Quote
05-15-2024 , 06:31 PM
5% reserved private

minjungh94 2.5% reserved

17% paid so far

26.5% available
WSOP Summer Package Quote
05-15-2024 , 07:14 PM
res 2.5% , will send Paypal or Venmo
WSOP Summer Package Quote
05-15-2024 , 08:09 PM
another 10% reserved private

14% available
WSOP Summer Package Quote
05-16-2024 , 09:19 AM
2% booked

12% open
WSOP Summer Package Quote
05-17-2024 , 03:11 PM
received payment from min, tyty
WSOP Summer Package Quote
05-19-2024 , 03:29 PM

11.5% available

34% paid

14.5% reserved

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