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spfeifer22 WSOP fall package spfeifer22 WSOP fall package

10-09-2021 , 10:04 PM
Hi everyone! My name is Stuart Pfeifer and I知 selling up to 50% of my action for four upcoming WSOP bracelet events, including the high-value seniors and Colossus events. Markup for this package averages 1.14, with no markup for both Event 50 ($600 PLO/NLHE mix) and Online Event 6 ($666); 1.2 markup for the Seniors and 1.1 markup for the Colossus. If someone buys 40%, I値l sell it all at zero markup. I知 playing regardless of how much I sell.

About me:

I知 an experienced and profitable live and online player from Los Angeles. In 2015, I won a WSOP Circuit ring and $55,000 for winning a 1,000-player event at the Bicycle Casino. Here is an article the Huffington Post wrote about that win. I sold action for that series, and quickly paid out tens of thousands of dollars to investors. I started playing live poker after Moneymaker in my early 40s and am now 57 years old, which qualifies me for the high-value seniors event. I知 a student of the game, both through online training sites and 1-on-1 coaching. As a part-time player, I have more than $170,000 in live cashes, including 10 WSOP bracelet event cashes. Last summer, I sold action for two online bracelet events and cashed both of them. Most important, I am an honest person with a long history of selling action on this site without a single issue. I will give these events my best and will quickly make distributions to investors.

Hendon Mob

Communication: I will provide updates on breaks via text or Instagram stories.

References: I致e bought and sold tens of thousands of dollars of action in the marketplace without a single issue. These are a few prior investors: AALegend, comesandgoes, tiltstermc, card08, deke971, BondTrader and many others.


Tuesday 10/26 WSOP Event 50 PLO/NLHE Mix $600 1.0=$600
Wednesday 10/27 WSOP Event 52A Seniors $1000 1.2 *2 bullets=$2400
Thursday 10/28 WSOP Event 52B Seniors $1000 1.2 *2 bullets=$2400
Friday 10/29 WSOP Event 55A Colossus $400 1.1 *2 bullets=$880
Saturday 10/30 WSOP Event 55B Colossus $400 1.1 *2 bullets=$880
Sunday 10/31 WSOP Online Event 6 $666 1.0=$666
Total possible buyins $6866 w mu=$7826

40% (no mu)=$2746

NOTE: I am selling four bullets each for the Seniors and Colossus events, but it痴 unlikely I will use them all. I will only fire a second bullet if I will receive at least 30bb. All unused bullets, and unplayed events, will be refunded with markup via your payment method.


Preferred options are Venmo or Zelle


If I cash $5K+ I'll need your information so I can transfer your share of the tax liability. You can also elect to have me withhold 28% for you and I'll pay your share of the tax.
10-10-2021 , 03:25 AM
Aight, let's gamble. 40%
10-10-2021 , 09:46 AM
Originally Posted by AALegend spfeifer22 WSOP fall package
Aight, let's gamble. 40%
Reserved, thanks!

Sold another 7.5% offline. Only 2.5% avail
10-10-2021 , 12:53 PM
I'll take that 2.5%. Zelle.
10-10-2021 , 01:36 PM
Originally Posted by mbradycf spfeifer22 WSOP fall package
I'll take that 2.5%. Zelle.
You got it. Thanks!

All 50% now reserved. Will take wait list.
10-15-2021 , 07:15 PM
Payment has been sent. GLGL!!!
10-17-2021 , 12:09 AM
Originally Posted by AALegend spfeifer22 WSOP fall package
Payment has been sent. GLGL!!!
Received tyty
10-19-2021 , 12:12 PM
Everyone has paid and we're good to go. First event is Tuesday Oct 26 $600 PLO/NL mix.
Will provide updates on instagram stories spfeifer22. GL us!

AALegend 40%
mbradycf 2.5%
7.5% offline
10-26-2021 , 02:18 PM
Up and running in first event of this package, the $600 plo/nl mix. Updates on my IG stories. @spfeifer22
10-28-2021 , 03:11 AM
Busted the PLO/NL mix right before dinner, but bagged up 87.5k on one bullet of Day 1 of the seniors. Not yet in money. Will have 35bb to start Day 2 on Friday.

I’ve been posting updates on my IG stories @spfeifer22
11-02-2021 , 03:02 PM
Payment has been received. Smooth transactions and a great player. Looking forward to next runs.
11-02-2021 , 04:39 PM
Happy to report this was a profitable package. I finished 208th in the Seniors Event for $3,528 and will also be refunding three unused bullets for the seniors, and two unused bullets for the Colossus.

AA Legend bought 40% at no mu. Here is the accounting for his payouts:

Seniors: 208th place $3528
Seniors unused bullets: $3000
Colossus: 2 unused bullets: $800

Total payout pool for AALegend (no mu): $7328

Mbradycf bought 2.5% at various markups.

Seniors: 208th place $3528
Seniors unused bullets: $3000*1.2mu=$3600
Colossus: 2 unused bullets: $800*1.1mu=$880

Total payout pool for mbradycf: $8,008

2.5% = $200.20

Everyone has bene paid.

AALegend $2,931- PAID
mbradycf $200 - PAID
7.5% offline - PAID