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Rise of The Bull: The Quest For The People's Ring Rise of The Bull: The Quest For The People's Ring

02-10-2014 , 12:43 PM
As planned in the $365 today.

Go us.
Rise of The Bull: The Quest For The People's Ring Quote
02-10-2014 , 12:57 PM
May the flips be with you
Rise of The Bull: The Quest For The People's Ring Quote
02-10-2014 , 01:41 PM
So, I been continuing with my raise 5-8x in Level 1, raise 3-6x in level 2, raise 3-4x in level 3 and gradually reduce to 2x to 2.5x sizing.

These low buy in fields are filled with awful 1/2 cash game fish and they will call the 5-8x raises with crap while all the backpacking hero tourney donks will categorize you as an overbetting donk and stay out of your way for the most part.

So, blinds 50/100. I raise to 500, two exotics call quickly. We have AK.

Flop K Q 10. We lead 1500. Exotic 1fires all in. Exotic 2 snap calls.

J9 vs Exotic 2s K9. Both offsuit. Rofl.


Pot every street in initial levels with value hands. If you don't you are leaving value on table.

Cbet/bluffs you can make 50-60% and the bad players won't aware when a backpacker or a beats by dre guy enters your pot tho..they may catch on.
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02-10-2014 , 08:39 PM
Never got anything going in this last one.

Got down to a 5.5k stack and had to rip 8s...lost a flip again.
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02-12-2014 , 10:18 AM
Played a 1/2 session yesterday to close out package and netted us $168 in 6 hours.

Will add up total cash game funds, tournament funds, and unused bullets+mark up and start sending back money today.

Thanks for investing.
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02-12-2014 , 10:46 AM
The People's Bankroll

Cash: $2000+$870 profit= $2,870

Unused Bullets: $580+$58 and $250+$25= $913

Tournament Winnings: $1152

Total: $4,935.00

Stakers Owed:

Mdroz247 (3%)
rponeal (1.25%)
Buggits30 (1.1%)
Kyle_R (3%)
er7eman (3%)
Acdawg (.65%)
fozzy71 (2.15%)
NarcoCop (2.15%)
llDayo (2%)
Jl514 (15%)
1chipB (2%)
Tmade (1.75%)

The next WSOP circuit I am going to do is Lumiere Place in St. Louis, that's over a month away.

So, I'll be sending all funds back starting tonight unless you'd like me to hold yours over.

Thanks again for investing guys.

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02-12-2014 , 12:35 PM
Roll mine over again.
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02-12-2014 , 01:44 PM
Originally Posted by llDayo
Roll mine over again.
Will do.

Will have St. Louis tournament schedule + cash game schedule for next package up by tomorrow.
Rise of The Bull: The Quest For The People's Ring Quote
02-12-2014 , 01:54 PM
i'll take a rollover
Rise of The Bull: The Quest For The People's Ring Quote
02-12-2014 , 02:04 PM
Let it ride.
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02-12-2014 , 02:18 PM
Send funds when you get a chance and i'll keep a lookout for your next package.
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02-12-2014 , 03:01 PM
rollover please
Rise of The Bull: The Quest For The People's Ring Quote
02-12-2014 , 03:32 PM
Roll me over bull, nice job again!
Rise of The Bull: The Quest For The People's Ring Quote
02-12-2014 , 04:23 PM

Aim, blast off on a topic. Reload, aim, then blast off another topic again. That will be the theme of this blog since I've been away for so god damn long. Nice to finally have a chance to hammer on a keyboard for all you fukks again. There's a lot that's been happening in the world so lets get right to it.

First, I'd like to start with the Super Bowl. But, not with the actual game. Not taking a minute to acknowledge Marshawn Lynch's interviews would be a crime against humanity. Sure, he may completely despise the media and he is most definitely a man of few words. But, if you took the time to listen to him closely you could pull some valuable lessons about life from his statements if your brain has grown past the size of a pea.

When asked, "What is beast mode?" Marshawn responded, "It's a way of life."

When asked, "What kind of things do you do to get ready for the Super Bowl?" Marshawn responded, "There ain't no getting ready. I'm always ready. I stay ready."

So, there you have it.

"Beast Mode is a way of life."

That means you set goals, then you run like a beast to reach them and trample anything that could stop you from achieving them.

If your goal is to get your poker bankroll to $50,000 liquid cash as soon as possible..

You run over any losers asking you to borrow money, any losers asking you to waste money on drugs, booze, strippers, escorts, any thoughts of wasting your cash on meaningless material possessions.


If your goal is to reduce stress in your life....

You run over all the parasitic relationships in your life that cause them. You end the relationship with your $hit Mother or Father if all they try to do is drag you down. You lose the junkie ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. You stop hanging around the people that are broke and only call you when they ask to borrow money.


If your goal is to graduate college, a trade school, obtain a G.E.D, or land a real job.

Then you start to say "No" to all those drugs that cloud your mind and prevent you from studying. Then you start to say "No" to all those parties where you're going to get drunk or high and sleep in until 6pm the next day. Then you quit smoking marijuana so you can actually pass a drug test. Then you quit hanging around people that only talk about their goals, but never make the right choices so they can actually achieve them.



And once you start to live your life in "Beast Mode", I assume that's why you don't ever have to get ready when an opportunity presents itself. You stay ready. So, that when one presents itself you can run it over like the losers you left behind and take it to the house just like Marshawn did from inside the 5 yard line against the Denver Broncos.


I get it Marshawn Lynch.

Thanks for giving America thirteen minutes of your time.

Second, I've gotta give a shout out to Justin Beiber. Hang tough kid. It's sad + pathetic that the Miami Beach police department had to lie on the police report and say you reeked of alcohol (after only blowing a .01%) and were drag racing (despite you only driving around 40mph when you were pulled over.) On top of that, it's equally appalling that the police department has chosen to release video tapes from inside the jail that show you being frisked, urinating, etc, etc, etc.

It's standard operating procedure in America for police departments to protect the privacy of youths who have made mistakes and are being charged with crimes. I know this because Isabella County police refused to give my name to local newspapers when I was busted selling narcotics around the age of 22, a far more serious crime than what Beiber is being charged with. Sure, the kid is a little $hit and it sucks that by the age of nineteen he's already made more money and pulled more tail than most men will in their entire life. But, he's still a youth and entitled to fukk up here and there.

Don't hate Beiber Miami Beach police department.

Hate the game.

It's not his fault that he gets to drive Lambos and fukk Super Models.

It's our society's.

Third, had this poker hand go down in a WSOP circuit event in Oklahoma.

I'm otb with QQ and there's 3 limpers for 200 to me when the blinds are 100/200.

These tournaments are mainly filled with $1/$2 NLHE fish that love to call raises and refuse to fold any two face cards or any ace. So, naturally I jack the pot up to 1000 to go. The first two men fold and a man wearing farmer's overalls and a cowboys hat calls quickly. He has around 7,000 chips left and I'm sitting with a 25k stack.

The flop comes down 3,4,5 rainbow.

My opponent instantly shoves.

I think for a bit and call with my pocket queens.

My opponent proudly rolls A/2 offsuit.

I say, "Wow, you called me with A/2 offsuit? You weren't afraid that I might have you beat."

The man with the farmer's overalls and cowboy hat looks me straight in the eye and asks, "Son, do you have any idea what it's like to ride a 1300lb beast?"

I say, "No."

He says, "That's what I thought, because when you learn how to ride a bull, you learn not to be scared of nothing."

I didn't have much to say back to that, so I said, "Nice hand partner."

Then the man bought me a beer.

Fourth, I'm still in Oklahoma and I'm playing $2/$5 NLHE and a man from Midland, Texas won't shut up about how he has the biggest poker game in his city. After a hour of listening to him talk about how much money he makes I ask, "Sir, have you ever been robbed or had your home broken into?" He says, "Funny you ask that, I just had a whore take me for over $100,000." I reply, "I bet you told her where the money was or put some away in front of her didn't you?" He says, "Yes. Sure did. The bitch got me." I reply, "Well, when are you going to learn your lesson and shut up about how much money you make with your private poker game?" He said he didn't care, then he proceeded to buy me drinks and tell me about his new hiding spot. He said he has so much money he doesn't know what to do with it. I bet it's only a matter of time before he gets robbed again. The best thing about this 55-60 year old man is that he showed me a picture of the girl he is dating and said, "Check out this selfie." He also blessed me with this story.

Fifth, there's a bookie in Midland that's so fat he got himself the nickname "Jabba The Hut." We got onto talking about this guy when I suggested to the man from the above story that he go and get himself a "Slot Lizard" when he said he was lonely. I'm sure some of you may be wondering, what's a slot lizard? Well, a lot lizard is a prostitute that wonders around truck stops. A slot lizard is a prostitute that wonders around casino floors. The man from the above story said he refuses to pay for the services of slot lizards and would rather just have a few girls that he sugar daddies + a real girlfriend he respects. (Lol, I know.)

Anyway, since we're on the subject of sugar daddying, I'm trying to pry some information out of this guy on that type of relationship. He said some girls come real cheap. Like, you take them out shopping, pay a cell phone bill , car payment, or their rent then you get sucked and fukked. Then he said others are much more expensive and that's when he brought up Jabba. Anyway, I guess Jabba makes so much money booking that he literally puts up 3 girls in their own apartment, pays their rent/utilities/etc...then these girls are pretty much on call when it comes to tending to Jabba's needs.

Jabba is sort of like a small scale Hugh Hefner. I think Hugh puts up 10-20 girls in his playboy mansion, gives them 10k a month allowance, unlimited plastic surgery funds, unlimited drug funds, etc...and they all attend to his needs. So, I asked this guy, "Do you know Jabba well? What drove him to this point?" I guess Jabba had once been thin/good looking and went through a few marriages that turned cold. Jabba said, "That he would rather have girls on the payroll so he could tell them exactly what to do in bed, rather than ever have a wife that lost her sex drive or wouldn't even blow him anymore." Anyway, I ended the conversation telling the man that if Jabba was ever interested in relocating to Michigan that the girls are really starving up here and I bet he'd be able to have six girls instead of 3 because cost of living is so cheap compared to the upscale Midland, Texas. I wish Jabba himself was there because I'd have really liked to pick his brain.

Sixth, I made a new poker friend. His name is Chuck. Now, normally I would never hang out with a 40 year old man that wears flat bill baseball caps that still have stickers on them. But, Chuck and I got onto an incredible conversation when a call girl/poker player left our table at MGM Detroit's poker room. As she was cashing in her chips, Chuck leaned over and asked me, "Anyone ever tell you about her side job?" I laughed and said, "Yes. She asked me to go out to my car and smoke a joint with her once. I was offended that she would target me for her services." Chuck laughed and said, "Don't take offense. She's just trying to make her money. Everyone is a target in her mind. Girls like her don't view men as potential lovers anymore, they just see dollar signs, that's all."

Then I asked, "What do you think about her and what she does here?"

Chuck replied, "Honestly Justin. In this day and age where women give it to so many guys for free and she's actually getting paid for it. Damn, I'd say she's ahead of the game. It's just so funny to me. The woman's body is supposed to be her temple and they just give it to one dude after the other. Week after week. Month after month. The dude doesn't even have to put in any effort. I just fukked a girl at her boyfriends house while he was working. It's disgusting really. I guess I have more respect for her than the girl who let me hit it while her man was at work, you know?"

Fukk. You got a point," I said.

Then we got onto talking about strippers and eventually webcam models since we had both dated a few during our day. Obviously, we both played a part in coaching up the girls that were webcam models on how to make the most money from men. So, every now and then we'd take the time to read the incoming emails from perverts and I figured I might as well share the funniest one I have ever read with you all....

The email read...

"I was sitting and eating breakfast at the local Mcdonald's the other day. A girl who couldn't have been over the age of 20 was the manager and she was conducting a job interview with a man that was well over 50. You could tell she took great pride in being a manager at Mcdonald's and she was asking the man who had recently been laid off questions like, "Do you have reliable transportation?" "Would you say that you're a team player?" "Are you up to speed with today's touch screen technology?" "Do you know how to use an ipad?" "Tell me what your biggest strengths are." "Tell me what you think your biggest weakness is," and so on. It was the most humiliating thing I've ever seen and my fantasy is for you to call me and go over my job application with me+conduct a phone interview.

Can you do that for me?

I'd pay $50 for every 15 minutes."

The email also included a filled out Mcdonald's job application.

Reading all those incoming emails from perverts was soul cleansing for me. All of a sudden I didn't feel so perverted anymore. It was like when I found the "Degen Stories" thread in the Beats, Brags, Variance forum here. All of a sudden I didn't feel like such a degenerate anymore.

Seventh, lets get to Michael Sam....

I say the San Diego Chargers should draft him so they could possibly have two homosexual starters on defense. One that came out/did things the right way and another nut job that refused to come out and made up a fake online girlfriend to hide the fact he's gay.

Would be epic.

Unless they both end up sucking.

Then they'll just fade into obscurity and no one will care until an all-pro type player who is going to be a team leader comes out and admits that he's gay.

Sad that Sam's stock is going to drop more than Teo's despite him doing everything right so far.

Rodger Goodell has got to be shaking in his boots out of fear that this kid is going to slide to the 6th/7th round when he was projected's that locker room culture really feel about gays if he doesn't get drafted.


I wouldn't care who a person wants to fukk or what type of sexual stuff he gets his rocks off to as long as he could help me win football games.

What people find sexually attractive/appealing is a choice.

Since I brought up Teo...

I hope that kid is gay, that would explain his actions. If he's not gay, guy is biggest nut job in pro sports. LOL at being a starting linebacker at Notre Dame where young females would be all over him in real life...but no..rofl..he's going to fall in love with an internet girl that won't go on webcam for him or won't even send him revealing photos..he's going to choose that kind of relationship over a real life one? Rofl..yeah right.

Finally, the saddest thing about Michael Sam coming out and saying he's gay is clearly his Father's reaction...

It's unreal that people still walk around this planet believing you can actually decide who you're attracted to and who you fall in love with.

I haven't ever read too much into religion, what schools have taught me, what current studies say, what liberal propaganda claims, or what conservative propaganda claims.

If you examine each entity above, you'll see they are trying to convince you how to feel or think about something.

I can't go by any experience but my own,... it's the only reality I have.

In my experience, whenever I've looked at a woman, if her physical traits were desirable to me, I often felt an attraction. From a young age I felt it. It was natural to me. I've never even considered looking at a man, in fact, the thought repulses me.

I would have to assume, the same feeling or attraction runs through a gay person's brain just the same as mine, eccept for some reason, they're naturally drawn to the same sex. I'd imagine that it's just a natural occurrence to them as well.

What I believe is impossible, is that a person with a natural tendency to feel an attraction to a woman, could then just turn it off, and decide to be gay. It makes absolutely no sense to me, at all.

There are no benefits that come with being gay. Most gay people live a life full of fear, shame, humiliation, and worry about letting down their friends, family, or co-workers. Hundreds of gay men and women are still being beaten or killed each year for being gay as well.

I challenge you guys out there to think about the first time you ever saw your significant other.

Think about the first time you ever had an "attraction" to a girl or boy, and maybe developed, a crush.

Did you choose to be attracted or was it just a natural feeling that came to you?

Me, I'm the typical shallow male. I wish I could choose who I was attracted to, if I could, I'd pick the most grimey, overweight, and ugly women so I could have as much sex as possible when I wanted it.

I'm working on becoming a better person, though.

That's all for now.

3,2,1..roll 5......

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Rise of The Bull: The Quest For The People's Ring Quote
02-12-2014 , 04:51 PM
Stakers Owed:

$4935.00 was total bankroll at end of last package.

Mdroz247 (3%) $148.05
rponeal (1.25%) $61.69/Roll over.
Buggits30 (1.1%) $54.29/Roll over.
Kyle_R (3%) $148.05/Roll over.
er7eman (3%) $148.05/Roll over.
Acdawg (.65%) $32.07/Roll over.
fozzy71 (2.15%) $106.10/Roll over.
NarcoCop (2.15%) $106.10
llDayo (2%) $98.70/Roll over.
Jl514 (15%) $740.25
1chipB (2%) $98.70

Last edited by LotGrinder; 02-12-2014 at 05:07 PM.
Rise of The Bull: The Quest For The People's Ring Quote
02-12-2014 , 06:26 PM
Roll me over
Rise of The Bull: The Quest For The People's Ring Quote
02-13-2014 , 10:59 AM
Narco, 1chipB, and Mdroz247 please pm me with paypal or chase quickpay info so I can send funds back if you don't want a rollover.

Thanks guys!!!
Rise of The Bull: The Quest For The People's Ring Quote
02-13-2014 , 02:44 PM
dibs on up to 5% of the next package big shooter, i got a feeling you're gonna make a few deep runs pretty soon.
Rise of The Bull: The Quest For The People's Ring Quote
02-14-2014 , 11:20 AM
Originally Posted by PuraVida96
dibs on up to 5% of the next package big shooter, i got a feeling you're gonna make a few deep runs pretty soon.
Wish I had played that nightly with you so we could have swapped a %.

Congrats on your H.O.R.S.E tournament win and that deep run in the nightly.
Rise of The Bull: The Quest For The People's Ring Quote
02-14-2014 , 11:22 AM
Just looked at St. Louis.

I'll be staying the first week Wed-Tue.

Will need 1 bullet for a $580, 2 bullets for a $365 with two Day 1s, and another bullet for a $365 that falls on a Monday.

Will have full package details up later.
Rise of The Bull: The Quest For The People's Ring Quote
02-17-2014 , 05:33 PM
***Lumiere Place St. Louis WSOP Circuit Event Package***

Cash Game Action:

Thursday, March 13th, MGM Detroit $1/$2
Friday, March 14th, MGM Detroit $1/$2
Saturday, March 15th, Motor City $2/$5
Sun, Mon, or Tue, March 16th-18th, MGM Detroit $1/$2

Cash Game Bankroll needed: $2,000.00

Tournament Action:

Hollywood Toledo Monthly Deepstack (Sunday, March 2nd-$320)
Event #1 (Thursday, March 20th - $580)
Event # 2A (Friday, March 21st - $365) Bullet #1
Event #2B (Saturday, March 22nd - $365) Bullet #2
Event #4 (Monday, March 24th- $365)

Tournament Bankroll needed: $1,995.00

Total Bankroll needed: $3,995.00 x 1.1 MU = $4,395.00

1%= $43.95
2%= $87.90
5%= $219.75

Selling up to 50%, will be playing no matter what.

This is the sixth run of combining some of my cash game action and tournament action for you guys because I want this to be a profitable venture.

(I don't think I've ever lost in a staking package unless it was 2013 WSOP.)

Current Cash Game Win Rates:

1366 hours at $1/$2= $21.67 a hour.
453 hours at $2/$5= $22.51 a hour

After this tournament series, "The People's Bankroll" will be dispersed accordingly, and staking for the next event will go up in this thread.

All funds must be sent via Paypal/Chase Quickpay or given to me face to face at one of the casinos.



Please feel free to ask any questions....
Rise of The Bull: The Quest For The People's Ring Quote
02-17-2014 , 05:38 PM

Mdroz247 (3.37%) Paid
rponeal (1.4%) Paid
Buggits30 (1.24%) Paid
Kyle_R (3.37%) Paid
er7eman (3.37%) Paid
Acdawg (.73%) Paid
fozzy71 (2.42%) Paid
NarcoCop (2.42%) Paid
llDayo (2.25%) Paid
Jl514 (16.85%) Paid
1chipB (2.25%) Paid
PuraVida (5%)

I'll sell up to 10% more.

Thanks for investing guys.
Rise of The Bull: The Quest For The People's Ring Quote
02-17-2014 , 06:37 PM
I'll take the 10%
Rise of The Bull: The Quest For The People's Ring Quote
02-17-2014 , 09:04 PM
rollover is good for me.
Rise of The Bull: The Quest For The People's Ring Quote
02-17-2014 , 10:44 PM
Let me know if someone falls off.

I will take a 2 ball.

Rise of The Bull: The Quest For The People's Ring Quote