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Randal Sklar "LarksJr" 1 week High Value WSOP MTTS Randal Sklar "LarksJr" 1 week High Value WSOP MTTS

09-30-2021 , 07:07 PM
My name is Randal Sklar, and I am from Boston, MA. I have posted several packages here on 2+2 which have all run very smoothly without a single issue. I have many well known references who will vouch my skill and more importantly trust. Online stats and sharkscope graph are pictured below.
Some Live success includes 8 WSOP Circuit Final tables with a Ring/Casino Champion Title at Foxwoods. I also have several recent top 3s in the Poker Bros 1k for 40k+ My last package on here was quite profitable including a chop at PH in a field of over 3100 for $40k

Hendon Mob

I have kept the buy-ins pretty small (with tons of value), to gain as big an edge as possible.

Fri, Oct 29th 10AM
Event #55A: COLOSSUS No-Limit Hold'em $400*2*1.3 = $1,040.00

Sat, Oct 30th 10 AM
Event #55B: COLOSSUS No-Limit Hold'em $400*2*1.3 = $1,040.00

Sun, Oct 31st 5:30 PM
Online Event #6: Online Bracelet $666*1.2 = $799.20

Mon, Nov 1st 11AM
Event #61: Deepstack Championship NLH $600*2*1.22= $1464

Wed, Nov 3rd 11AM
Event #65: MINI Main Event NLH (freezeout) $1000*1.2 = $1200

Total $5543.20

1% = $55.43
3% $166.29
5% = $277.16
10% = $554.32

Marvin Rettenmaier, Sorrel Mizzi, Shane Sigsbee aka Imawhale26, JCblue, JW123, Craig Varnell, VeeRob, Sean Lippel, Jeff fielder, Cwazymonter, nbajam, mjcace, sheggy1377, MellowMood, rappy300, thedylan, flipxpelon562, bigunit2, methia33, and plenty more.

BOA (preferred)
Cash App

In the event of a >5K NET cash I will need everyone's tax info, or 30% of your payment will be withheld

Updates will be held via twitter @

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10-03-2021 , 04:47 PM
10-13-2021 , 08:28 PM
10-14-2021 , 12:11 PM
you guys are both booked thanks! I will DM you each so we can square up LFG.

I will pause on taking further action on this for the time being.
10-15-2021 , 08:10 PM
Payment has been sent. GLGL!!!
10-16-2021 , 05:41 PM
I'll take 1% here too if it's still for sale, gl!