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05-30-2010 , 08:18 PM
Hey guys, ben wanted me to let you know he accidentally left his phone at home so no live updates for the O8 until dinner break probably. He didn't skip town.
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05-31-2010 , 12:56 AM
Dinner brk. Down to 2325 playing 2/400. 1st tbl was awesome. 2nd less so but I get to move soon.
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05-31-2010 , 05:20 AM
I just busted in the last level of day 1. Was above starting stack for ~5 minutes today so I spent the last 4 hours short stack ninjaing. I'll post a more complete trip report tomorrow because you guys didn't get updates today.

Found my phone, will have updates for the other events.
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06-01-2010 , 06:17 AM
Yesterday's o8 Event:

My opening table was awesome, 1 strong lag to my right, another couple guys very mediocre and a the rest who were just downright bad. One guy was playing 80/60 or so pre. I only scooped a single pot the first couple hours, opening AA78ss in EP, getting called by the BB on every street on A36J3. The 80/60 busted and got moved to our table. A bunch of people sucked his **** and the table broke. I hovered b/w 4k and 3k most of this time.

I got moved to another table somewhere in the 3rd level, the one I texted at dinner break. It broke relatively soon, but by level 4 my stack had dropped to about 2k-3k. Mainly just opening pre getting called in 2 or 3 spots, and c/fing when missing turn. From level 4 to the last level, I was <4BB most of the way and just getting it in pre with hands that are good doing so.

This is a strong suit for me because 1) I don't surrender stackoff and 2) have done alot of research on correct hot/cold equity hands because I play in alot of sats. It's much better to get your stack in with A56K than it is A234 when HU despite what you hear about what good O/8 hands are. People that 3b the latter hand instead of flatting just because they are short and your hand is A234! and don't 3b the former hand are really bad. You can do some simulations with ProPokerTools to see for yourself. This will probably be a 2p2 magazine article sometime after the series.

I got back to starting stack(~5k) and played one more hand of note. I opened A5KT ds in the CO, got called in the SB by a fish. Flop came K73 with an FD. SB donked, I called, and called a turn 7o. He bet the 9 flushed river relatively quickly and I had seen him barrel off a missed low draw before so I thought and made what I thought was an easy call, esp. because I thought he would check most flushes on a paired board. He had A338. I got it in with a couple more hands and it was GG.

Tomorrows the 2-7 event.
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06-01-2010 , 06:18 PM
Gunna go down to Rio to watch some bakes and then play the 2-7 event.
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06-02-2010 , 05:37 AM
I just got home from busting the T-D. Mi.chael and Ch.ris were at my table for awhile before I busted, but I didn't feel like the table was tough at all. I felt I played really well today but it may be because I didn't have too many tough postflop spots. I need to take care of something before bed as well, so there is a chance I may not play the $1500 NL at noon tomorrow. I wouldn't feel right about playing it late or tired with markup. Will update when I wake tomorrow.
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06-02-2010 , 12:05 PM
I haven't really slept much so I'll probably spend most of today recovering and skip this event. I am probably not worth 25% MU given how tired I am and will probably be for the next day. This was the one where the turnaround was the quickest and there wasn't a day 1b to choose from, so I guess I somewhat foresaw this but just assumed I'd either bust earlier or trudge along. BI+ MU will be returned obv.
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06-11-2010 , 05:08 PM
Made day 2 of the 7 Card Stud short stacked if you aren't following on twitter.
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06-11-2010 , 05:13 PM
Good luck!
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06-19-2010 , 02:16 AM
Spent most of the Day 2 HORSE hovering at average stack. With 100 left and 80 paying, I got scooped with 8432A3Q against an 8762 board in E. He had a 7 and a bigger pair. Got short after folding most of the H and O orbits that came next.

Then the Razz HJ opened with an 8, I RR 652 and he called. I caught 652T while he had 82. When he bet I had 2.5 SB left - I peeled instead of being one of those tards that gets it in and folded when I caught another banana and he caught another wheel card. I was left with 2,100 chips playing 300/1,500/3,000. There was still ~90 left. I doubled up + antes twice in R, needing to bink a river once to stay alive. Then I defended A33 in S and made a boat by 5th, getting a bet on each street to the river. Before we were even down to 85 people I had 25k again. I even got to abuse the bubble myself some before we cashed.

Cashed for $3386. Spreadsheet has been updated to reflect this.

I don't like to complain given given the circumstances(min cashing for 2x BI after having .7 BBs or so), but been a disappointing first half. Hope we do better.
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06-27-2010 , 06:58 AM
For those of you who don't check twitter, made day 2 of 8-game with slightly above average stack. 24.3k playing 800/1.6k tomorrow. Avg being 17.7k. 192 of 453 left. 48 pay.
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06-28-2010 , 06:43 AM
Cashed the 8game for $5376 in 34th. A more complete trip report will come tomorrow. A little bruised/drained right now. For the same reasons, going to skip the $1500 NL tomorrow. BI + MU will be returned. Spreadsheet is updated to include both cashes but doesn't include returned money. I don't know why - I'll fix that at some point.
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06-28-2010 , 08:04 PM
Here's the bubble hand I mentioned on twitter, will post some more details on day 2 later:

There are 54 left in the $2500 8-game. 48 pay. I have ~25k. We're playing the last few hands of 600/1200 PLO before moving on to 3k/6k THORSE. It's not guaranteed I have a fold in stack, and I don't want to anyways. But I've been playing the last 2 orbits of PLO/NL pretty snug and scared because everyone is aware that in NL the antes are 1/4 of the BB. Everyone with a stack is fighting for every NL pot and Dario Minieri is trying to win all the bigbet pots. Somehow it's folded to us in the SB.

I cover, but not by much. BB has ~21k or so to start the hand.

600/1200 PLO
I complete the SB with J975, Par.ker checks BB relatively quickly.

Flop: T83
My first thoughts are "Nice flop, chinaman fwap a frush" then "Haha my wrap doesn't play" "I have a straight flush draw!" "Oh ****! I can go broke on this board" "Check to induce."
I check. BB bets 2200. I think for 5 seconds and call.

Turn: J
I check. BB bets 5400.
"Man I didn't expect him to bet the turn" "Wow I'm so bad at PLO. I have no idea what to do here." "What is he supposed to be betting this turn with?" "Man I have the 1,2,3 4th flush." "How much does he have left?"

I crane my head and eye ball his stack from point blank range. "That's a little more than 10 orange(1k) chips, some purples and greys, must be ~15k" "Man that's a big turn bet, 80% pot?" "Why so big?" "Man I'm so bad at PLO" "I just got out of debt and can have a small bankroll if I mincash this" "**** I really don't want to bubble." "Crap I can bubble either way and I still want to play optimally"

I look at for the first time. "He's doesn't look strong, but he doesn't look weak." "Well, maybe a little weak, his body language seems a little stiff." "Is his body protecting him?" "He's not breathing very hard or shaking at all" "He might with the nuts" "He's shuffling his chips in tempo." "That's trying to placate me?" "Meh this is a very weak soulread."

"**** if I call here I have to call a river shove, especially after thinking so long." "Maybe I should just repot it myself and get it over with." "Well if he has a bluff that's really bad, esp. cause I know he will bluff the river now that I've tanked so long" "But it's really good if he has a set" "Wait is he supposed to bet a set on the turn?" "I don't think so, but I don't know" "ARGHHHHHH IM SO BAD AT PLO" "So just flushes and bluffs?" "I really wish Scary went over more bluff catcher spots with me" "But I still get beat by 3 flushes" "Can he even have the nut flush? - He didn't raise pre" "Meh he isn't raising pre with all his suited aces obv" "But he checked quickly pre" "Wouldn't he at least think about it?" "He has the dry ace way more often than the nut flush" "It would really suck if the river paired the board and he had a set"

It's been about 6 minutes now.

"I'm not folding and I'm not folding any river."

I call.

River: K
"Nice good card for me, but w/e I already decided I'm calling" He spends about 5 seconds cutting out chips and bets most of his chips. He leaves a few thousand behind. "Why didn't he just shove?" "Well that can't be bad for me." "w/e I decided I wasn't folding."

It's been about 6 seconds now.


My body knows that I'm good before my brain does with Br.ock shaking his head as he shows the A and a bunch of unsuited wheel cards. I table my hand. I hear a "Nice hand" come across the table from JPOSU and I let out the hoarsest "thanks" ever because I haven't taken a breathe in about 7 minutes.

I ask JP about the hand on the break and he tells me "I didn't think he was bluffing."

I'm still so bad at PLO.

Pokernews gets the hand wrong as usual.
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06-28-2010 , 08:41 PM
"Nice flop, chinaman fwap a frush"

<3 LOL
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07-01-2010 , 08:51 AM
Again, for those of you who don't follow on twitter, won my table in day 1 of lhe shootout. Guaranteed $4135. I tipped my last dealer when we were HU $5. Hope no one minds this coming out of the cash. Let me know if you want me to take this out of your share. I haven't tipped for any of the other cashes cause I'm a nit. Glad we are running better in 2nd half of WSOP.

Please help if u have any specific info on these guys and their minbetting.

Andre Bra.ender
Javier Torr.esola
Tomas Alen.ius
Jonathan Ag.uiar
Jason R
Barry Shulma.n
Tyler Bonko.wski
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07-01-2010 , 02:22 PM
Great job! Good luck.
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07-02-2010 , 03:08 AM
nice work today - way to go making final table - gl tomorrow - go win that bracelet
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07-02-2010 , 03:46 AM
sometimes you make a final table
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07-02-2010 , 04:08 AM
glgl tomorrow sir.
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07-02-2010 , 04:09 AM
GL tomorrow.
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07-02-2010 , 04:40 AM
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07-02-2010 , 06:12 AM
Thanks for the support guys.

Not going to be playing the $1k NL tomorrow obviously. BI + MU will be returned.

After tomorrow I'll start the the process of returning the money. Depending on how much I cash for, we may have to do tax forms. Guess we'll sort that out tomorrow. I'm not sure how this works, but I'm sure someone here or there will walk me through it. We'll avoid the 27% tax withholding fiasco guy either way.
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07-02-2010 , 07:52 AM
Good luck Mr. Yu
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07-02-2010 , 11:07 AM
gl ben. TID!
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07-02-2010 , 11:15 AM
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