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AndrewBoccia WSOP Package (~20 events @ 1.2x) AndrewBoccia WSOP Package (~20 events @ 1.2x)

06-29-2010 , 09:51 PM
busted todays 3K 3x chance.

In short I won a ton of small pots and lost my big pots.

Key hands:

-at 100/200

I raise 44 to 450 from EP and get a caller in LP and another caller in the BB. flop is AK8r, check, I bet 425, call, fold. Turn is a 4 completing the rainbow, I bet 1550, and get a call. River is a 2, I shove for a 1.3x overbet or something (I covered the guy) and get a tank-fold.

Same level, EP raise 450, shortstack shoves for 2.2K, I have AQo in SB?! I call? because
BB and I are very deep 130BB+ and EP guy only has ~11K so he cant really flat in position. He shoves I call again!? EP has TT, shortstack has AQ ugh TT holds and I drop to like 18K.

-at 100/200/25
EP raises to 450 (younger kid who seemed tricky but also kinda bad at the same time) - 3 callers to me in the BB and I look down at Td8d and call obv. Flop is J92r with 1 diamond, checked around to the btn who bets 1200, I call? we have like 19K. PFR check/raises to 3500 and covers both of us, the guy who bet on the BTN folds and its on me with a few options.
I elected to shove because TBQH I thought I had a ton of fold equity. This player was capable of some strange lines, and also seemed capable of folding AJ and all worse versus my line. As it turned out he tank called with J9 so I am a bit torn about this hand.

meh, 1K on thursday, nice to come back and build a very nice stack at the start, but lost a few key "flips" in huge pots.

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AndrewBoccia WSOP Package (~20 events @ 1.2x) Quote
07-02-2010 , 02:47 PM
busted the 1K without much of a sweat.

Had an amazing table obv, but I think even though it was a 1K my table was probably way better than average so I'm a lil extra disappointed.

at 25/50
with a 3.5K stack - there were 2 limpers, guy who covered me made it 300, I look down at AA and raise to 750, he calls. Flop is kind of unfortunate T87twotone, he CRAI over my bet of 850 and I call and lose to 88. Obv never taking another line with my PSR, just unfortunate that the flop boosts his ranges equity so much.

2.5K at 5PM today
AndrewBoccia WSOP Package (~20 events @ 1.2x) Quote
07-03-2010 , 08:13 AM
made day 2 of the 2500, theres like 500 left and 200 cash, my stack is just over average I think.
AndrewBoccia WSOP Package (~20 events @ 1.2x) Quote
07-03-2010 , 11:03 PM
dinner break take it down AB
225 more to beat
AndrewBoccia WSOP Package (~20 events @ 1.2x) Quote
07-04-2010 , 12:46 AM
um, today was a trainwreck.

I overslept and missed all of level 9 and part of level 10.

I arrived and had blinded down to 27K from 34.5K or something.

Despite hating myself I played well and hung around.

I ran my stack up over 50K without a single showdown when we left for dinner break.

With 212 people left according to the board (198 cash) some guy opens in early, and I have QQ and shove in 55K. He calls with AK after some thought and wins the flip, why would anything else ever happen?

I smashed my phone after walking outside, doubt I have ever been more tilted by a days events.

I am probably going to refund some money for lost equity because of the hands I missed, I just don't know whats fair. I lost around a starting stack so I might just freeroll everyone in the event.
AndrewBoccia WSOP Package (~20 events @ 1.2x) Quote
07-07-2010 , 03:29 AM

when do you play the ME ? in the OP you say day1a
AndrewBoccia WSOP Package (~20 events @ 1.2x) Quote
07-07-2010 , 04:03 AM
oh sorry, I just copied that off of a schedule list on the internet, I play tomorrow.

I am already regged, I have table 365, seat 8, Amazon Red.

Unfortunately my new phone didn't arrive like it was supposed to today (sprint is Pitts,) so I will not be able to twitter update.
AndrewBoccia WSOP Package (~20 events @ 1.2x) Quote
07-07-2010 , 10:02 PM
sigh busted right before dinner break. Was short and 3 bet A9o in SB with 20BBs, CO had JJ.

Nothing went my way all day today. Sorry for not being able to twitter my trackball/phone was busto and my new one didn't arrive until today.

There arn't really as many key hands as you would expect for me to lose 30K chips. It was just like, get a massive draw, double it, brick, decide against tripling and then obv lose to top pair.

I had one hand which looks like spew but I really think it's ok.

I opened to J7s to 400 in the CO, the BTN flatted (he did this a lot), the SB was a LAG kid who had 12K and just got moved to our table, he 3 bet to ~1400. He had already shown down J8o 3 betting pre OOP and had also 3 bet OOP a few other times out of not many chances but didn't take these hands to SD. I thought a 4 bet here was too transparent so I decided to do something that I do a lot in the 20-50BB games and that is to peel and shove flops that he figures to bet/fold a lot. The flop came down T94r, perfect kind of flop for my plan. Unfortunately he had KK and it held.

I have one more sweat, and thats the Venetian 5K.

At least I remember why I play cash games, the series has been very draining. Considering all the big stacks/deep runs I had in the WSOP, I am disappointed to have not at least produced a better sweat out of this tourney/structure. I drew a suprisingly bad table and ran pretty awful and was handcuffed all day, when I did make a move it failed :/ thats poker.
AndrewBoccia WSOP Package (~20 events @ 1.2x) Quote
07-14-2010 , 04:47 AM
got ~60th in the Venetian 5K, sigh etc.
AndrewBoccia WSOP Package (~20 events @ 1.2x) Quote
07-14-2010 , 05:12 AM
Very demoralized after this summer.

I gave it my all, I grinded out tons of hours of the most serious/intense poker I've ever played. I am really sad that I could not produce a positive return for everyone but I truly believe that everyones investment was massively +EV.

This summer I made a ridiculous (tilting) amount of deep runs but I was really good at losing chiplead flips on the bubble (like really good... but I guess thats tournament poker? what a joke, etc) I really doubt anyone had as many top 20% finishes as I had and cashed for less money than I did. :/
AndrewBoccia WSOP Package (~20 events @ 1.2x) Quote
07-14-2010 , 05:13 AM
hah don't be so hard on yourself, lol donkaments, etc

DISCLAIMER: this is coming from a guy who has like -80% ROI lifetime in live events
AndrewBoccia WSOP Package (~20 events @ 1.2x) Quote
07-14-2010 , 05:18 AM
I am going to freeroll everyone for the $2500 WSOP that I bubbled, and total up the rest of my cashes/ did not plays.

Everyone should be paid out pretty quickly this week, got redic wasted after busting the (summer saver) 5K Venetian and RSA token is stuck in the Valet ldo.

If you paid on Stars and would like FTP just shoot me a PM asap.

Again, thanks for the investments guys.

AndrewBoccia WSOP Package (~20 events @ 1.2x) Quote
07-14-2010 , 09:44 PM
1% was purchased for $618, it is now worth $152.69 :/ , going to ship today.
AndrewBoccia WSOP Package (~20 events @ 1.2x) Quote