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WSOP Main Event: On the bubble with JJ WSOP Main Event: On the bubble with JJ
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WSOP Main Event: On the bubble with JJ

11-25-2021 , 11:03 PM
Originally Posted by jpgiro WSOP Main Event: On the bubble with JJ
This is entire premise behind not 3-betting in the first place.
Hence why I said "I think this is right" to your first post.
11-26-2021 , 01:27 AM
Yes, that is one thing I also agree with jp on. It is not a good 3! right on the bubble OOP against a player who covers us but has not been raising light with a hand where you have a close decision against a 4!
11-26-2021 , 04:26 PM
Whole hand is a train wreck
Never flatting pre from the bb here. Sizing is fine for this bb vs mp squeeze spot
Sizing on the flop is really bad again. You are never using the 1/3 size with any part of your range.
Ott- Idk what’s going on here. Your check is probably good but I could jj finding some bet/folds here
His play is good and the Xrai- nice bluff I guess? Looks like you’re just saying **** it if he has it he has it but you’re shoving a hand into a range that’s really strong and uncapped and just praying for him to fold? Hoping he folds a hand like pair + draw?
You probably found literally the only bet fold in his range when he has tt
Yesterday , 01:43 PM
Flatting preflop cannot be that bad. For one thing, then you do not fold to a 4! from AK. From the point of view of a human on the bubble of the ME, it is better to take the more conservative approach. The rest of the hand shows why the 3! was not a good idea.

If it was not the bubble, OP probably cbets bigger and shoves the turn with the wet board or bets with the idea of gii. It seems like OP played overcautious postflop, and then realized he probably was ahead and could not fold to the turn bet. I agree villain should rarely bet/fold the turn. It seems like bad play with TT, when he could get blown off the hand by a draw. Villain may bet/call with something way behind JJ though.
Yesterday , 11:25 PM
I can't believe that on the bubble JJ shouldn't at least flat sometimes OOP vs. a larger stack.

Do agree that JJ is more of a bet/fold on the turn than anything else.