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Mid-High Stakes MTT Discussion and analysis of mid-high stakes MTT strategy

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Re: Tricky Spot in the Money at Borgata

Originally Posted by Redsoxnets5 View Post
I like how you go out of your way to correct his terminology when the action is clear, then you call J74r a wet board.

I like the size on the flop and don't understand why people are advocating checking. We have tptk and nut bdfd and should be looking to get value, not thinking about being afraid of not having the best hand. Opener is gonna c-bet QQ+ and SB is often going to 3b JJ based on description. Sometimes these overactive live spazzes will even decide to squeeze hands they shouldn't like 77 and 44 pre here but probably still more likely he flats those hands. That's 6 value combos we lose to right now.

I think the really active guys who win a lot live love to take advantage of boards that are dry that they perceive to miss their opponents. I would not be surprised if villain has more complete air in his range than we're giving him credit for. Lots of gutters and bdfds that seem pretty wild to us. Turn improves a lot of these hands but continues to keep us in the lead. I think we want to flat but I think shoving is fine too. If we flat there will be 1.2M in the middle and villain will have like 320K left; I don't mind folding out hands that have gutshots or whatever here if villain wants to fold getting 5:1. Flatting seems fine too though. Think we just can't be folding turn.

I played a hand Thursday at Borgata against a villain who really reminds me of description you gave James. 1K/2K he opens to 4200 in EP I defend BB with about 55K to start, he covers. Flop T32r he c-bets 4200 I c/r to 11K and he shoves 50K with K9o. He just recognizes how few value combos I should have on that board and maximally exploits every chance he gets. And I am sure it works very well live. If we're folding AJss in original hand, what are we EVER calling with? 6 combos of sets and that's it? Folding would completely be trying to exploit since this just HAS to be a combo that continues from a GTO perspective, and if villain is trying to exploit us, it's just a nightmare to be folding here imo.
agreed. and i'll take it even a step further and say, "if we're folding AJss in the orginal hand, then what are we EVEN PLAYING for ??"
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