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Mid-High Stakes MTT Discussion and analysis of mid-high stakes MTT strategy

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tpmk with fd gets raised ott - Big $109

No info on villain.
Better to push on the turn?

PokerStars, $100 + $9 - Hold'em No Limit - 50/100 (12 ante) - 8 players

UTG: 4,172 (42 bb)
UTG+1: 4,793 (48 bb)
MP: 5,334 (53 bb)
MP+1: 5,000 (50 bb)
CO: 6,047 (60 bb)
BU: 5,112 (51 bb)
SB (Hero): 5,497 (55 bb)
BB: 4,956 (50 bb)

Pre-Flop: (246) Hero is SB with J♥ T♥
2 players fold, MP raises to 200, 2 players fold, BTN calls 200, Hero calls 150, 1 fold

Flop: (796) 6♥ J♠ 5♠ (3 players)
Hero checks, MP checks, BTN checks

Turn: (796) 4♥ (3 players)
Hero bets 398, MP calls 398, BTN raises to 2,090, Hero calls 1,692, MP folds

River: (5,374) 9♣ (2 players)
Hero checks, BTN bets 2,810 (all-in), SB (Hero) folds

Total pot: 5,374
BU wins 5,374
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Re: tpmk with fd gets raised ott - Big $109

i dont play 109's but if you care for my thoughts here they are:

drawheavy board so i would put less weight on 66/55. (could bet flop 3ways)
he kind of reps 44 or 78s.
less weight on spades cause could bet flop. same for better J's. only spades with a oesd would probably bluff here.

he raises big which kind of seems in line with a set/straight cause of draws i guess.

you might get ownd sometimes by the A3hh/ss or A7hh/ss. but somewhat loose call pre if he has those holdings, so unlikely imo. also good hands for 3bet rather than flat, so even more unlikely imo.

its quite a big commitment on the turn for you, if ur looking to fold river on blanks like you did, you dont have the odds to draw to the hearts. also hoping for him to give up o rivers is a little optimistic imo.

I would decide on the turn to go with or not. imo too little bluffs so id say fold, and i would expect to see 78s or 44 most of the time here.

what bluffs do you think he could have? IF you want to explain that to someone who does not play $109's.
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Re: tpmk with fd gets raised ott - Big $109

I agree with r0eladn. V has here either a FD / combo draw or a 44. As he is in position I tend to think that most of the time he'll play it and only call your bet OTT with a draw. In any case a J or a T won't change anything it can't be accounted as outs. Which would leave us only with the hearts to potentially help us, that is why I lean more toward a fold to the big raise turn.
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