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Mid-High Stakes MTT Discussion and analysis of mid-high stakes MTT strategy

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shortstack push, fold or miniraise?

We are in the money, no relevant payjumps and long way to final table:
1)Fullring-table, we are in MP with 15BB and have KJ, every body covers us. standard fold? what hands we push here?

2) I see a lot of Pros just openfold 22-55 or not even flatting for setvalue...I understand u could get squeezed and so on...what do we do with 22-44 in highlo-cutoff positions with 15-20 BB? are we shoving these little pairs allways and which hands should we shove?

3) we have 20 BB, what do we do in middle position with QJ, KJ and Ax suited? I know we should fold all these offsuited right?

I would be greatfull for help and if somebody has a chart for all these situations. ty!
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Re: shortstack push, fold or miniraise?

Jennifear is your friend.
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Re: shortstack push, fold or miniraise?

1) You can look at push/fold charts to get a general idea. KJo is a borderline push in MP with 15Bbs. I won't do it normally but it's not a terrible play. You also have to pay attention to stack sizes left to act and whatnot. With a bunch of 20-30BB stacks behind it's generally going to work better than when there are a mix of small and large stacks behind.

2) You can raise 22-44 in LP and hope to pick up a 15-20%+ stack increase but when you're short stacked with over 15 BBs you generally don't want to be all-in with hands that have a higher chance of being dominated. A hand like JTs, for example, is a much better shove candidate in the HJ for 15BBs than 44.

3) You should only be using A2-A9 suited hands as re-steals/squeezes or first to open in LP with a 20bb stack, preferably A2-A5s. QJs is a tough hand to play if you aren't shoving it at that stack but most players open it with 20bbs from MP-LP.
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