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Mid-High Stakes MTT Discussion and analysis of mid-high stakes MTT strategy

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Re: ME 5 bet?

Originally Posted by 3for3poker View Post
We could not see them. What would you think he had? Obviously something good.
JJ, AK, maybe QQ (doubtful).
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Re: ME 5 bet?

Originally Posted by daviid View Post
in spots where my raising range consists of the nuts only i probably stick to not having a raising range. or bluff more.
I agree with this.

The dynamic created by this particular spot being UTG, UTG+1 and UTG+3, I feel like it's a lot more difficult to not look SUPER strong no matter what you do.

Another reason for flatting...I think getting 3:1 you could easily justify calling with hands worse than AA that you could have also 3-bet preflop (1010, JJ, QQ, AK, AQs). Therefore I don't think your hand is face-up if you flat. If anything, I think villain's hand is more face-up after he cold 4-bets from middle position. I think I'm flatting with the intention of cc or cr almost any flop.

That or make a super small 5-bet that's impossible for villain to fold to in position and then take him to value town on all non-K, non-Q boards

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Re: ME 5 bet?

Should the second KK have folded last night? Seems like it.
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