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Mid-High Stakes MTT Discussion and analysis of mid-high stakes MTT strategy

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Old 05-19-2017, 03:17 PM   #1
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Live €160 300bb stack off spot?

Background: €160 tournament in Paris, extremely soft field
3rd hand of tournament:

first hand: hero bet turn, overbet river bvb, didnt show
Second hand: Hero iso'd BU limp to 7x from SB, got 2 folds, didn't show

Villain: SB, no reads, no history except young kid, which is obviously more likely reggy but you never know in this field

300bb (15k) effective, 25/50 blinds

BU Hero: Q8, raises 3bb
SB Villain: raise 7bb
BB: cold call, Hero call

Flop: Q 8 7: pot: 21bb (1100)

SB bet 8bb, BB fold, Hero call

Turn: 3 pot: 37bb (1850)

SB bet 22bb, Hero raise 60bb, SB raise 170bb, Hero??? (225bb behind)

Thoughts: Yes there is an argument for folding pre, but the price is too good to see a flop IP vs a soft field imo

Decided to call flop, sometimes i will raise though, turn feels like an obvious raise for value, then when he 3b do we have to stack off here? villains 3b range almost never includes 77 or 88, so we effectively lose to 1 combo of QQ.

We have to be good anything over half the time to gii here, so if villain plays 1 combo of AKss or AA or KK this way, it's a snap jam right?

I see live players overplay KK or AA in this spot quite regularly, and given our potentially aggro image over the first 2 hands, we jam here? just feels uncomfortable to gii 300bb deep vs a strong range with just two pair

Is there any merit to calling turn and calling any river? I think villain has so little behind that he can't fold any draws to a jam, and it's unlikely he has pure air
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Old 05-19-2017, 07:00 PM   #2
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Re: Live €160 300bb stack off spot?

Fold to the 3! pre. If you're going to call flop I'd call turn as well IP. We don't want to blow him off overpairs or TP OTT. We can call all Spade rivers and jam non-spade rivers.

As played, I guess we just shrug GII. We don't block the Qs, so he can still have FD+Pair combos as well as NFDs and overplayed KK or AA. Wouldn't be shocked if he has a set here though.
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Old 05-20-2017, 08:04 AM   #3
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Re: Live €160 300bb stack off spot?

Yeah my default is usually to fold to the 3! pre, this is pretty much the bottom of my opening range, just thought the price was too good here IP

OTT i think i can get value from KK+, AQ, im not expecting him to fold the turn, and can usually get more value on the river too.

Yeah i agree, thanks, i still think we lose to just 1 combo so have to jam really, if he's overplaying KK+ or AKss or something then he's very rarely folding to the jam

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