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Mid-High Stakes MTT Discussion and analysis of mid-high stakes MTT strategy

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HPC Daily MTT ruling question

Hey - may not be the correct forum, but here goes:

I was in LA yesterday and decided to play the Sunday $150 at Hollywood Park. A few hours in, a hand developed at the other end of the table that I was NOT involved in. There was some betting & raising pf and OTF or OTT. The river card came and the first to act open folded. The Dealer began pushing the pot to the other guy and he also folded his hand. I didn't say anything but doesn't one player need to show to win the pot? These 2 guys clearly knew each other and while I don't think it was collusion, you can certainly see how easy it would be to chip dump.

The loud mouthed Table Captain said that no, he has played hundreds of MTTs and you do not need to show your hand to win. I asked if that was a local rule and he said, no that is universally true which I know is utter BS.

I'll not be playing this little gem again but just wanted a fact check without downloading TDA and reading it cover to cover.

What say you, 2+2?
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Re: HPC Daily MTT ruling question

dude if they're heads up and the guy folds face down, the other doesnt have to show his hand at all, hes won the pot. ship it. What makes you think he has to show, if its a showdown meaning they've both checked the river then one has to show for sure. i dont know who told you that. i know i have a few posts but ive been playing live for 5 yrs. noone has to show unless its an all in and its a tournament
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Re: HPC Daily MTT ruling question

The casinos I play at in England work the same. Quite often my opponent will insta muck at showdown because they didn't want to show their bluff, so then I also get to muck as I collect the pot.

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Re: HPC Daily MTT ruling question

Doesn’t have to show afaik
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Re: HPC Daily MTT ruling question

In this scenario, I don't believe he has to show. If dealer prompted him to show, he could simply put out a bet and, with the other hand already having been folded, he would be awarded the pot.
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