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Mid-High Stakes MTT Discussion and analysis of mid-high stakes MTT strategy

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Re: How to tell you are running bad

Originally Posted by EggsMcBluffin View Post
200 BI suggestion is ******ed if you're playing a ton and playing a lot of really big field events those people are just parroting what they heard from others (not uncommon in poker) and also have run good enough to not have a 200+ BI losing streak.

TBH 500 is a better number if you wanna be really comfortable.
Thanks for replying with a solid post. I agree that 500-1k buyin seems right in practice. I just assumed that 200-300 buyins were standard. Even allinpav recommends 200-300 buyins (300-500 more so for turbo- in some youtube vid he posted way back). It just seems people never really go over the fact that 200+ downswings occur and having more buyins is probably a better idea if you don't want to reload.

I'm going to guess player you discuss in h1 is pre-em bc the other 2 seem solid aggro regs but I could be wrong.

And just to ***** some more. I wanna say per my database from start of this year, I have an expected BB win of 1800 bbs and i'm running at winining 658. My graph also has improved over time for the year, through 50k hands I had a negative bb win expectation and it has improved over time.

BTW i'm not some killer or expect to kill in the games. I don't study pio like most people here/eggs. I think pio is kinda comical to study for most of the stakes i play (not super high). Basically I think i'm prolly a 0-30% roi player and study enough that I would be surprised if I was a loser over a huge sample.
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