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Mid-High Stakes MTT Discussion and analysis of mid-high stakes MTT strategy

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Final table strategies

4 left in an ACR 500 100k guaranteed

1 30800
2 19000
3 13600
4 10400

6k 12k 1200 ante

cutoff(350k) open folds
button, strong reg,(220k) min raises
Small blind has been fairly tight and prob not out of line in this kind of situation (1.3 mill) 3 bets to 75k
Big Blind(800k)

How do you proceed with 99, TT, JJ, KQs AJs AQs AKs AQo AKo from the big blind?
Is building a flatting range necessary for this situation?
Are we trying to 4b induce JJ and AK?
If we want to flat certain hands what is your ideal way of balancing?

I worked out that I wanted to flat 99 TT JJ KQs AJs AQs AKs AA
Jam AKo while lacking extreme balance 4 bet fold AQo and 4 bet get in KK and QQ what are your thoughts on this strategy?

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