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Mid-High Stakes MTT Discussion and analysis of mid-high stakes MTT strategy

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Spade Awkward turn spot in live $150 multi-flight

One of six opening flights in a SoFL $150 MTT, 100k guar. Recently moved to table and have no reads, other than the general vibe that this is a good comfy table full of recs who have all kinds of wide ranges in spots you wouldn't expect. I am young and quiet.

Started hand w/ 100k. Only one other player at the table (seat 4) has me covered, albeit very slightly. He is a frumpy greek man in his late 50s. Effective ~50k-75k otherwise. I'm in seat 2.

10 handed, Blinds 600/1200-200.

2 folds to me, I open to 3k w/ KJ
Seats 4, 5, 6 and 7 call. Blinds fold.

Pot: 18,800
Flop: J84

I bet 7k. Seats 4 and 5 call, others fold. Seat 4 started the hand with around 110k, Seat 5 around 60k.

Not too sure what to make of the calls, but first instinct is sensing draws and/or moderate made hands peeling given the price. AJ not outside the realm of possibility but not exactly worried about it either.

Pot: 38,800
Turn: 3

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Re: Awkward turn spot in live $150 multi-flight

Is this 9 or 10 handed? If so, I would just fold pre here until I have some reads. Once you open and get 4 calls, I wouldn't be overly thrilled even with this flop.

7k on the flop is good, but it also looks like you are trying to set a price. If you had JJ+ I'm guessing your size would be larger. Against this table in a $150 live mtt, it's probably fine though.

On the turn, I think checking or betting 17k have merit. Obviously bet/folding here.

The problem with getting 2 calls on the flop is as you said - one player might have AJ and it's clear one player might have the A

If the river is a club, what is the plan? If the river is a blank, what is your plan? You need to have a much better idea of your opponents ranges to make the correct decision, which will come from getting better reads on the table.
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Re: Awkward turn spot in live $150 multi-flight

def not folding pre
i believe thats okayish sizing otf, they can flat 99 TT with a c if they're recs and all other clubs... that being said, im little more of a check turn guy here, i would check call turn check fold river without specific reads
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