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Mid-High Stakes MTT Discussion and analysis of mid-high stakes MTT strategy

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AA cracked by 22. Mid-stakes no different to micros?

Dear 2+2 Community

My main go-to tourneys have been $1~11. Very rarely have I ventured to $20+.

With Australia's Black Friday looming mid-June, I thought I'd use the rest of my bankroll dabbling in mid-stakes.

Bought into $33 KO. Raised a few hands, called a few raises, lost some hands, won some hands. I was still slightly up from the initial stack.

After the first break, I get dealt AA. The person on my right UTG raises 4xBB. I 3-bet 2x his raise. Everyone folds. He calls.

The flop is 36J or something like that. A pretty safe flop for me. As he was first to act, he shoves all in. He has me just covered.

I think for a bit, thinking maybe he has a set of Jacks. But, I put him on AJ at best and called. He turns over 22.

Lo and behold. 2 comes on the turn, and I'm out of the tournament.

How am I supposed to mentally process this? (Then again, it seems almost pointless asking this question as I know such stupidity will never take place in live poker. And with only about a month of online poker left to play before Black Friday kicks in Australia, I might as well just withdraw everything and stop playing online...)
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Re: AA cracked by 22. Mid-stakes no different to micros?

Unreg pre
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Re: AA cracked by 22. Mid-stakes no different to micros?

Going to lock this because there's no strategy worth discussing. You got felted, it happens.
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