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Mid-High Stakes MTT Discussion and analysis of mid-high stakes MTT strategy

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75$ live freezeout betting against a flush draw

Hi guys primarily playing tournaments now and I'm looking for some help regarding the thinking of this compared to how a cash game would be.
1st level I have 25k villain has 32k blinds 100/200
I raise with a,k from Ep to 600 and he calls from the small blind
Flop is k,5,3 with 2 diamonds
I bet 800 he calls.
Turn is a blank and I make a bet of 2600 confident he is on the fd.
My question is being a tournament and adding chips without going to showdown important is this a correct way to play? I mean I can bet even bigger to take down the pot or I can bet smaller knowing I can get away from the hand, that is assuming I know he's made a flush and I fold. Asking mainly as in a cash game making a bet on the turn that gives him the wrong odds to call with a fd is +ev which is all that matters long term. With a tournament is the thinking exactly the same or is there another way of thinking? It's something I'm guessing I should know but I'm looking for feedback as I want to improve my game. Thanks.
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Re: 75$ live freezeout betting against a flush draw

sometimes there are spots in tournaments where taking a lower variance line can be more appealing/sensible, and possibly even more profitable....

this concept is exactly why good, solid cash players do not automatically translate into profitable tourney players.

in the spot like you described above, its all about taking all the relevant information into account. ICM, average stack size, structure, how tough the field is, etc.

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Re: 75$ live freezeout betting against a flush draw

this would be a clear 2 barrel in tournies.

We can get value from a wide range of worse holdings including f draws and worse k's.

I think the real desicion here is should we go for x3 streets if river bricks seeing we can get value from KQ,KJ,KT
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