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Mid-High Stakes MTT Discussion and analysis of mid-high stakes MTT strategy

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250 $ Live Donkament - Getting frisky with strong draw


we are @ 2 Day of a 2 day event Blinds are 2k-4k-400. 40 left with 10ish paiad (so no ICM implications). We have been recently moved to the table (like 45 minutes ago).
Only relevant with Villain we ripped 19 ish BB from LJ with 55 and took it down pre. Villain tanked and said he folded 66 on CO. Villain is solid player, but not neccesarily to tight.

Now action currently 6 handed, due to slow balancing) folds to me in SB with 19 BB (effective stack, Villain has 2x+ our stack) and Kd3d. We complete, Villain checks, flop comes Ax9d4d.

We check Villain makes it 5K into 11k, we rip it in.

If we assume that we can Villain to fold 80% of his range here, i.e. he should only be calling with two pair, sets, good flush drawes, and good Aces. if he has AdXd we obviously are in Jail, but we block some combos he may have checked behind with pre. Against any other hand, we are in OK shape and have a bunch of Fold equity if he doesnt happen to have the top of his range (I expect Villain to make a hero Fold with Ax2X for instance)

Is this a sexy move, or more like a SPAZZ...

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Re: 250 $ Live Donkament - Getting frisky with strong draw

If I'm Villain, I'm putting you on a much weaker range. The fact that you didn't raise PF makes me think any Ace is unlikely for you. I'm assuming you got involved with a middle-50% hand -- and if you're in a hurry to buy the pot now, that makes me suspect a ton of 9x stuff, plus some diamond draws and maybe a small pp that didn't connect.

I need to be able to beat 98 to call you, and you're right, in a lot of cases, I will be obliged to fold this. But I'd be glad to take you on with T9+ or any Ace.

Why not raise preflop? K3ss is a top 35% hand, and while that's not great, you might be able to fold out a bunch of big blind sludge that can make trouble otherwise. You also are in a much better position to rep an Ace post-flop if needed.

Bear in mind that since this is a live tournament, Villain probably took note earlier of how you reacted on his 66 laydown. If he saw some relief in your face, he's now got a mental model of how you play when you're shoving light. That lets him make a smarter decision in a situation like this.

That said, if Villain missed the flop and is trying to buy the pot himself with air -- well played, sir.
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Re: 250 $ Live Donkament - Getting frisky with strong draw

Seems absolutely fine and standard to me. Villain is unlikely to have Ax, let alone Adxd for that matter. (And, fwiw, I highly doubt anyone is going to fold Ax to your shove here)

You're gonna pick up the pot so often right there, and you're also in pretty good shape if you get called
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