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Mid-High Stakes MTT Discussion and analysis of mid-high stakes MTT strategy

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25€ MTT AA oop

Villain´s stats after 155 hands: 18/10/6,8. Haven´t seen him doing nothing special. How would you proceed here? What do you think of Villain´s minraise on the flop?

[converted_hand][hand_history]Poker Stars, $22.50 Buy-in (125/250 blinds, 30 ante) No Limit Hold'em Tournament, 9 Players
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Hero (SB): 27,898 (111.6 bb)
BB: 10,148 (40.6 bb)
UTG+1: 14,623 (58.5 bb)
UTG+2: 9,897 (39.6 bb)
MP1: 22,769 (91.1 bb)
MP2: 9,593 (38.4 bb)
MP3: 9,975 (39.9 bb)
CO: 9,165 (36.7 bb)
BTN: 7,281 (29.1 bb)

Preflop: Hero is SB with A A
2 folds, MP1 raises to 500, 4 folds, Hero raises to 2,000, BB folds, MP1 calls 1,500

Flop: (4,520) 8 7 J (2 players)
Hero bets 2,260, MP1 raises to 5,000, Hero ?
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Re: 25€ MTT AA oop

The raise can mean many things, now his range is made of overpairs (QQ+), AJ and maybe KJ and JQ, sets and straights. Don't think we can get away from this spot though. We should mostly be calling here and reevaluate turn. And we'll mostly sight gii OTT.
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old hand
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Re: 25€ MTT AA oop

Board : 7hJs8c
MP2 47.51% { AsAc }
MP3 52.49% { JJ+, 88-77, T9s }

Call flop and reevaluate seems right. The thing is, though, I suspect sets are more likely than overpairs, that spot sucks and we should seriously considerer folding at some point if he keeps barelling imo. Tough to imagine any bluff and looking at V's stats I'd say he's basically never raising Jx. Unless we have some kind of insane image and we're playing every hand or something like that...
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