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Mid-High Stakes MTT Discussion and analysis of mid-high stakes MTT strategy

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$130 Hard Rock 100k Red Jacks UTG

Level 4 300/300/200

Hero UTG with red Jacks raises to 900. Standard raise at this table so far.

CO (poker tattoos and ear phones) 50% vpip with 10% pfr over about 100 hands calls. He can have anything here, suited Ax, small pockets, suited connected and one gappers all the way down to 4,5. Iím the effective stack with about 13k left behind.

Flop Qc10d6d Pot 2600

I have been playing very tight, mostly checking whiffed flops. I havenít bluffed yet. I elect a c bet here for 1000 charging flush draws and 10x hands to continue. Villain elects a call quickly. When he calls I believe he can have 10,9 off, and 109s, a set of sixes, AQd, Q10, any AXd.

Turn Js Pot 4600

We turn a set on a dangerous board. I elect a bet of 2500 here with about 10k behind planning on continuing on any brick river and evaluating any scare cards. Weíll have about a pot sized bet left on the river. He calls quickly again. He could still have a set of sixes, some two pair and still be chasing the flush draw, straight draw here. AK is unlikely but AQs could be very likely.

River Kd pot 9600

Worst card in the deck peels off. All his 9x combos get there, Ax combos get there, front door flush. I feel crushed. He grins a little when he sees this river card.

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Re: $130 Hard Rock 100k Red Jacks UTG

Seems like a good spot for a b/f of about 30% pot but I donít know if I can find a fold button in this tournament. Iíd probably just call it off if he jams cause Iíve seen people make some really stupid bluffs in this tournament and having a stack to play with is really useful in this event. Worst case you re-enter with 50 bigs and start all over again.
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Re: $130 Hard Rock 100k Red Jacks UTG

Turn bet is too small. This guy is a fish and the board is soaking wet. Pound it for pot with the plan to jam all safe rivers and check/eval dangerous ones.

As played, c/f. If you pot turn, still c/f. Sometimes you just aren't good and this looks like one of them.
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