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NYC Games? NYC Games?

10-06-2023 , 02:39 PM
For anyone interested, I am running 5/10 Mixed (stud8, omaha8, razz and 2-7 TD) on Saturday (October 8th) from 7-12. We have a dealer, and there's no rake. Although, it's 5/10, the game plays really small and is great for people who want to learn how to play different games

I also do a 1/1 un-raked NLHE game around once a month. We have a dealer for that game, and there is also no rake. Although it's 1/1, it plays much bigger, more like a juicy 1/3. We have a few players who have, and are capable of, blasting off a couple thousand, or winning a couple thousand. Depends on which way the wind blows lol

Feel free to PM me if you're interested in attending future games
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05-11-2024 , 02:10 PM
Looking for players to join a long-running (10+ years) Wednesday evening weekly single-table $40 NLHE rebuy tourney. Typically eight to 11 players participate each week, starting at 7:15pm and finishing around 11:30pm. The top three players cash; depending on the number of rebuys, first place is typically in the $250400 range. In addition, we have a league structure, with the top four finishers each week receiving points in the standings. Each week we withhold $4060 for a December final table; the top eight players in the standings qualify for the FT.

A couple of our regulars have left the group due to physical moves or family commitments, so we are looking for new players. We typically play in Brooklyn Heights, Clinton Hill, Williamsburg, Bed-Stuy and Ditmas Park, so folks living in Brooklyn, Manhattan or Queens are likely to be the best fit. This is a friendly game and the social aspect is paramount we like poker, but we like each other's company more, so please be a mensch.

DM me for more details. Thanks.
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05-11-2024 , 02:44 PM
last year was at a bar in the ues towards closing time and a guy was walking around from table to table inviting people to his poker game down the road

was way too wasted to consider going but definitely got me thinking

is it a setup to get robbed?

crooked game looking for drunks to swindle?

legit game looking for players?
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05-11-2024 , 10:24 PM
Unless you got a real itch to play id suggest either you find your own game, go the legal ac/PA/CT route or just wait out nyc casinos. A rando asking to join his game is sus
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