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Home Game Listings Listings for LEGAL home games (hosts only) and those seeking them

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London UK game 1/2

Looking for a few extra players for regular home games in London

It's a fun game

We want to keep it light and new [less experienced] player friendly

So any pro's are not welcome, pro's being [headphone wearing unsocial types] or those who berate bad play when they lose or 'coach' others, etc

So feel free to come along but if you are one of those players who 'bring a game down' you won't get invited back - that's not to be mean to you, but you just wouldn't be a good fit for our game and I am sure would rather be playing in a casino poker game anyway

It's such a nice game, so I am somewhat protective of it

We currently have a rotation of 15+ players but seem to be hitting 6 or so a week, so would like to bump up the numbers [if we had a base of 30 people I think it would be 9 or 10 a week coming]

Currently Wednesday's [and Monday's sometimes, maybe even a Friday or two in the future] - so not fixed - and at the moment around one game a week

If interested please PM me a contact number, even if this thread is old, let me know

Buy ins seem to average £80 to £300 [with most buying in at £100] - so although it's a 1/2 - it's not some super deep home game

Lovely venue

To give you an idea of how far away the game is to where you are:

Times that it will take you to get from a mainline London Station to actually be at the game itself (i.e. inside ready for your cards to be dealt to you)

20 mins from Waterloo Station
25 mins from Euston
28 mins from Victoria
18 mins from Liverpool Street
13 mins from Bank

All the best x

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