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Home Game Listings Listings for LEGAL home games (hosts only) and those seeking them

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FAQ: READ FIRST! Rules, and How to find a game or players.

Home Game Listings forum rules

This sub-forum is where you can look for players for a game you host, or find a game if you are looking for one.

When posting in Home Game Listings, you must follow these rules:
  • Posts about your unraked home game can be made in an existing or new thread. You must explicitly state that there is no rake or fee charged. If you do not do this, a mod may delete your posts or the thread.
  • Posts for raked games or games which require any type of payment in order to play should be made in the Pay-to-Play Game Listings sticky thread. This is the only place these types of posts are allowed. You must also give details about any rake and fees charged.
  • Listings for online games, charity events, bar/pub poker, etc. are not permitted. If it isn't live poker in your home, DON'T list it here. (PokerStars "Home Games" are online games, not home games.)
  • Don't post about illegal games. State and local laws vary, so it is up to you to determine if your game is legal. While this website is not a substitute for legal advice, it may give you an idea of whether your home game is violating your state's laws: Whatever your local laws, 2+2 is not responsible for your decisions about your game, nor for you posting about your game here.
  • You may not advertise others' games. You must be the host to place a game listing in this forum.
  • The purpose of this forum is to help hosts and players find each other, so please limit off-topic conversations.
  • Anyone misrepresenting their raked game as a non-raked game will be permanently banned from this website.
  • Safety warning! Please do not include specific game locations (or anything that would make it obvious where the game is played), and be careful who you invite. Addresses or other specific location info will be deleted.

Some additional guidelines:
  • If you just say "home game," you'll get more responses, but the guy looking for 2/5 PLO8 probably isn't going to be interested in your .25/.50 NLHE game. Don't waste his time or yours - include game types and stakes in your listings.
  • For your own safety as a host, it's a good idea to develop a method for checking out new players before you invite them. This thread offers one system.
  • Avoid posting contact info (phone, email) in an open thread - exchange it via PM. Otherwise you're opening the door to spammers, prank callers, etc.
  • Are you a player looking for a home game? See post #2 in this thread.

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re: FAQ: READ FIRST! Rules, and How to find a game or players.

How to find a home game
You may find a home game here, but there are other ways. The best might be to ask people you know or meet. If they do not play, maybe they know someone who does. Develop a network.

You should also check out these websites for games, but be careful about the legal issues around poker and underground cardrooms, and the personal danger to which you might expose yourself at a game you are not familiar with.

Talk with the host before you go to a home game for the first time. Some things to ask him include:
  • Are the regular players friends? Games played between friends are generally safer than open games played with strangers.
  • How does the host vet new players? Notice how rigorously he questions you before he invites you to play.
  • Can you meet him before you play? You might want to meet in a public place.
  • Ask about security. How difficult would it be for someone to break into his home?
  • If you meet him and want to go further, can you visit his home during the daytime, to get a feel for the situation?

The danger is real. Poker games are robbery targets.

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