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11-22-2021 , 03:36 PM
Rail Thread for daChimp's 2021 WSOP-Europe, King's Casino


24 Nov: WSOP-Europe Event #3, Mini Main Event- Day 1 C-- 1350 Euro
24-27 Nov: WSOP-E Event #5 Colossus, 3 bullets—550 Euro x 3= 1650 Euro
28 Nov: Satellite to WSOP-E Event 14 Main Event—500 Euro


drdna- 5% (paid)

TLKJ (offline)- 10% (paid)

AALegend- 5% (paid)

Fine Print again as COVID is running pretty bad in Europe, so if I do not feel comfortable or feel that it isnt safe to play I may skip & refund. Safety is first priority, winning an event is second priority.

- Any event not played will be fully refunded with MU. I have the right to skip and fully refund any event for any reason.
- If/when we win a seat to WSOP-E Main Event, the seat will be part of the stake (if played)
- There will be an end of day rail on 2p2 and periodic tweets (@chimp_poker)
- Any compensation outside this stake is not considered part of this stake
- Each stake will be responsible for their own tax and may require additional documentation for large scores
11-22-2021 , 03:40 PM
Will also post some updates on Twitter @chimp_poker
11-24-2021 , 11:31 AM
Arrived late to event 3 as expected. Will be seated in level 5 with 100bb and a goal.

Gl us!

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11-24-2021 , 11:31 AM

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11-24-2021 , 07:43 PM
Arrived to event 3 as stated, just prior to 100bb stack (100k SS). Normally would be plenty but I never really got any traction. Lost a decent sized pot early in a BB defend spot when I rivered a flush and lose to aggressor's larger flush.

Then I bounced to 3 different tables. Seems like as soon as I had reads or it was time for card distribution to hit me, it was time to rotate.

By table 3 I was short enough (15-20bb) I was able to find a couple of decent shove spots with 3 people calling an initial raise. I ended up hitting my high point of 188k, but then back to card/spot dead OR calling & wiffing.

Then.... AK<77, BB 2500/5000/5000 with 125k. Open UTG+1 to 12k with AK, new kid (2nd hand) rips ~85k (17bb).

Next hand folds to button (active button) he opens to 10k on our BB, we stick in last 24k with K7 only to be dominated by KT. #rip

To top it off, Im hassled by Polizei at border.

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11-26-2021 , 02:34 AM
Event 4, Day 1b update: Arrived plenty early to avoid Polizei traps and ensure a seat in the event. I start with a fairly soft table and recognize two players from the night prior (probably because I moved so frequently). Right off the he bat I resume being dealt 83o, 72o, etc. I got a few CO opens through to stay competitive. At 400/400/200 we're in SB (23k) with JJ, MP opens to 1k (average LAG middle age), HJ calls (soft spot, made some noticable errors), folds to me and I make it 4.5k, OR folds and HJ calls. Flop was A63 rainbow. We downbet flop as our range has many Ax to 2k, HJ calls. Turn Tx, ch/ch. River 9x.. pot is 10.9k, we have 16.5k and I think I handcuffed myself by not betting turn to set up a river shove, because betting 1.5x pot here seems like suicide. I elect to or evaluate. HJ shoves 11k (I misread his stack and thought he had more and should have definitely bet turn now)... I fold and get shown A7. And orbit later in BB I get AQs, UTG+1 opens to 1k, MP calls, HJ calls, BU calls... seems like a reasonable squeeze spot so make it 6.5k and only BU calls. Flop A92, we have pot size behind and rip it in... BU calls with AKo. GG

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11-27-2021 , 12:49 PM
Busted 2 bullets in Event 4: T7ss on T65KxxSS board loses max to 89o & AA<KQs aipf flop runs out KKxxx brick city.

I left the area and drove home today skipping any further bullets and not exposing myself to possible corona even more (spreading pretty bad in EU at the moment).

There are some refunds (MU for event 3 and the last event). Will post and settle that tomorrow after some rest.

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11-29-2021 , 01:50 PM
Markup from 1350 and satty (500) refunded. At 1.13 exchange rate= $713

5%= $36

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11-30-2021 , 09:53 AM
Good run. Sorry the ‘rona cut it short.

I read they also canceled the EPT mid-stream as well.

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