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Old 12-20-2020, 07:14 PM   #1
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Room in shared apartment in Belgium Antwerp

I have a room available in my apartment in Belgium Antwerp at the edge of the center.
It's actually in Deurne if you want to look it up:

If I find the right person I could be convinced to rent out the room.

I'm looking for an established pro player who'd be interesting in guiding/coaching me a bit.
Mostly I'm just looking for a hard worker who will keep me motivated to keep working just as hard.

It's a rather large apartment on the 6th floor right next to a big park, several supermarkets within walking distance, very big living room including a big (kinda old) TV, decent size kitchen and bathroom (tub and shower) and the room itself is pretty big as well, it has a 1m40 bed, a big closet, a desk and plenty of empty space left.
You would be sharing the apartment with me but have the room completely to yourself, there are two bedrooms ones mine, ones yours.
All the other rooms are available to you as we will share them.

I currently have my computer set up in the living room, my last flatmate who just moved out had his computer next to mine, plenty of room!

Price would be €500 / month everything included (water, heating, internet) except food and drinks.

I've recently lost my job and am now giving pro poker a shot, giving myself 6 months to see where it can go.
I'm playing full time, 8 hours a day 5/6 days a week. Grinding online MTT's at the moment.
I prefer playing live, but nothing is open at the moment and I don't have the bankroll to play live for a living (yet).
I do assume I will be playing a large amount of live poker in the future though and obviously you're welcome to join.

I'm a very calm and relaxed guy, don't really like having people over, I enjoy quiet and alone time.
Don't wanna sound too much like a shut-in, I'm pretty social as well.
Just want to make it very clear that I'm not looking for someone who wants to party every week.

I was born in Antwerp and have always lived here, I speak fluent Dutch and English and some French.

There are several casino's "nearby", Brussel (Viage) is about 30-40 minutes away by car or public transportation. (I do own a car.)
Namur is about an hour by car and probably 2 by public transportation.
Breda (Holland Casino in The Netherlands) should be about 30 minutes as well, but I haven't been there in years.
All of them take a bit longer to get to in traffic, 20-30 minutes or so, but that's not an issue on the way back.

There are also plenty of home games around, which are illegal in Belgium, so legally I can't take you with me if I would go to them, but obviously I'm not playing in illegal home games
Well I actually don't at the moment because I do take the virus seriously and am trying to avoid contact with people as much as possible at the moment. Not even sure if any games are running right now, I sure hope not.

Most poker sites are blocked in Belgium.
We do have PokerStars and Unibet that I know about, probably a few others?

Feel free to ask questions here or by pm.

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Old 03-31-2021, 01:19 PM   #2
oddly catty
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Re: Room in shared apartment in Belgium Antwerp

you should take this approach instead imo
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Old 06-07-2021, 06:21 AM   #3
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Re: Room in shared apartment in Belgium Antwerp

Originally Posted by rickroll View Post
you should take this approach instead imo

I still have a room available.

Basically quit online poker though.
Transitioning back into live poker, which I always preferred.

Rent is negotiable.

PM me if interested, not checking this thread.
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