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Looking for Assistant ~3hrs/week, in Greater Toronto Area

I will be conducting interviews for a poker assistant. I say "poker" assistant, because you will only be assisting with things which pertain directly to my job as a poker player- you won't be asked to do any menial tasks or wash my dishes or clean my house etc like some of the horror stories I've seen on 2p2.

I have a very clear idea of some things I want you to do, and a less clear idea of others. Your job will include: 1) Primarily accounting and administrative duties/record keeping, this will take ~2-3 hours per week every week if you are efficient. You should be able to do most of this work from your home, and I will explain the exact nature of this work later. To do this work you must be precise and have a working knowledge of HEM. 2) I may occasionally have you do some other less regular administrative tasks- things like researching and buying something for my office or renting a place in Vegas. These should be rare, and will only occur if I'm extremely busy and can't attend to them. 3) You may be asked to configure/research some of the newer poker software for me.

My schedule is flexible and you can likely still be successful as my PA in addition to having a full time job. Your deadlines will typically be weekly and you should be able to do the large majority of your work from home, although occasionally we will need to meet in person. I may hire no one, the whole position is predicated on finding someone who I find trustworthy, competent, and congenial to work with.


1) You must live in the GTA.
2) You must be a competent user of HEM.
3) You must be organized, punctual, and precise.
4) You can at most be playing $.50/$1 as your main game. If you are playing higher than $.50/$1 the hourly I plan on paying you will not be meaningful to you. You do not have to regularly play poker at all, in fact I will prefer candidates for whom competitive poker is a hobby and not a job.
5) You should be a university or college graduate.


For the PA position you will be paid $30/hour, either cash, check, Stars or paypal. In addition, I hope that by working closely with a top level professional player you will improve your own poker game at least a little bit. I'll be happy to answer casual questions you may have with regard to hand histories or poker theory, although I will not be offering you a formal, regularly scheduled one on one coaching program.

Contact Info:

Please submit a suitable resume to me here or on 2p2 via private message with a short letter attached explaining your poker background. Only things pertinent to the position need be included on the resume. I won't work with email or phone initially because of the persistent hacking issues in the high stakes poker community, and I will conduct interviews for any candidates in the next week or so.

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Re: Looking for Assistant ~3hrs/week, in Greater Toronto Area

Hey Ben,

I pretty qualify for your requirements 2-3-4-5. I live in Ottawa. If you would still be interested, hit me up and Ill provide you the rest of the info that you are looking for. (Resume+short letter).

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See my coaching listing
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Re: Looking for Assistant ~3hrs/week, in Greater Toronto Area

If you play poker and fit the requirements, you are absolutely insane for not jumping all over this.

In fact, you should consider doing it for less money if it gives you a better chance to get selected. The EV of talking poker with Sauce on a consistent basis should be much higher than $30/hr and it's very generous he offered that much.

Also, you won't find a nicer boss.
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