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Free Year Sub: Maxim (not FS, FREE!) Free Year Sub: Maxim (not FS, FREE!)

07-09-2009 , 12:39 PM
Deal is dead -- Here's a free sub to Car and Driver though

Use an email address you don't mind spam on or that has a good filter and don't sign up for any other offers.
08-06-2009 , 04:08 PM
Anyone received anything yet?
08-06-2009 , 06:25 PM
Not yet. Should take ~6 weeks. Definitely by the end of august.

Edit: Did already start receiving my Car & Driver sub though
08-08-2009 , 07:20 AM
no dice
for canadians ...... Ftw
08-08-2009 , 02:41 PM
I got my first free mag last week and im Canadian
08-13-2009 , 10:54 PM
Haven't received mine yet, Im from Canada
08-13-2009 , 11:38 PM
I got my first one today. TY guys
08-14-2009 , 11:34 AM
Guys I'm going to close the thread since the deal is over, good luck with your subscriptions
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