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Poker Goals & Challenges Post your threads logging your travels up the poker ladder as you achieve your poker goals and dreams. "Challenges" does NOT mean prop bets, wagers, etc.

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Yellow Fever

Welcome to the "Yellow Fever" thread. This will be the journal where I keep track of my results. I will use it as some kind of personal diary, so I will not talk only about poker but self-improvement at 360. In fact, I'm deep into a personal development program with a coach who only works with high-level sportsmen, traders, startuppers, ecc.

So, why "Yellow Fever"? Because my main goal is to conquer the Asian field, first playing 50/100 and 100/200 CNY Online and then crushing live games. I currently live in Europe but I will move in Asia in 2020, I don't know where.
I will also sharpen my social skills with the purpose of being involved in highstakes action.

Atm I'm building the BR I need so I'm playing 20/40 and 20/40/80 and having a pretty decent winrate, around 25bb/100.
Unfortunately I don't have the previous results cause on the app I played, HM didn't worked. Let's start with the results from the current year:

The graph is obviously in CNY.

PS: In a private club on PPPoker I've been challenged HU by a PLO Reg. We played 3k hands at 2/4$ and 5/10$. He went crazy and decided to quit after a lost of 8k$, that are missing from the graph.

Tomorrow I will update with my weekly challenge and the current monthly goal I want to reach. Stay tuned!

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Re: Yellow Fever

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Re: Yellow Fever

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Re: Yellow Fever

So, here we are with the goals!

Monthly Goals:
1) Read "Mental Game of Poker" and do a resume.
2) Keep track of my sleep's quality and see how can I modify it changing some setups (habits, temperature of the room, food, shower or not, ecc)
3) Test and find better routines for when I wake up, when my working day ends, when I'm about to sleep.
4) Put effort in trying to find a solution for a very tough situation in my family.
5) Start taking english lessons since I'm very bad at it.

Weekly Goals:
1) 24 tables played at 20/40/80 (150 min each).
2) Start at the gym again, 3 workout per week. I had to quit after 5 years cause I was overwhelmed with my job and all my projects and I didn't had time to see my girlfriend/friends. Now that I have cut a lot of time delegating most of my housework to a cleaning woman, I can go straight to the benchpress.
3) Start cooking meals for the entire week using the "Sous-Vide cooking" methods, in the microwave.

On sunday I will post the graph of the week!
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