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Poker Goals & Challenges Post your threads logging your travels up the poker ladder as you achieve your poker goals and dreams. "Challenges" does NOT mean prop bets, wagers, etc.

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wanna get high(er) - 6 max micr and beyond

hey guys.
my name is Ron. i'm 25 yo and i'm a student and learing industrial engineering.
i've been playing poker online for something like a year and a half, tried at first almost all kind of poker games. after some lost bankroll i decided to get serious and pick only one game- i chose the S&Goes of 180 on stars. was pretty good, and made very nice profit from it.
Unfortunately, Stars closed their services for my country, and when i started to look for other program, i didn't found the field that i get used to it..

so a new chapter of my poker life was open, started to learn and improve my cash game (i'd pretty strong range understanding, but my post flop was pretty poorly), read some stuff and hire a coach.
right now i'm playing the 10NL on prima, 4-5 tables (there isn't the Zoom field there ), and hope to get up to the next limit very soon.

feel like my game was imrpoved and still improving. my mental game was always strong and i don't used to get tilt (but sometimes i played when i'm a little tired, so need to stop doing that).
bankroll management is very solid so on this erea i'm covered.
the only thing that left me to do is get some volume on the tables and keep doing HH every day to improve my game (try to do it after each session when i'm not that tired).

goals for September
- complete 50k hands on 10nl (right now ~37k
- keep doing HH every day and discuess with other poker players/upload hands to 2+2 forums.
- playing only when i'm feeling on my A game, no more then 5 tables at the same time
- sport, good nutrition and stuff
-preper to move on to do next limit

this is a place for me to track my progress, but it will be nice to get some comments and if you are to talk about spots, i'll be always happy to get a PM from you with your skype for doing some HH together.
i'll upload every week a graph with the result of the week (try to do that on Saturday), and for now i'll upload a graph of 10 NL and some stats.

cheers guys

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