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Poker Goals & Challenges Post your threads logging your travels up the poker ladder as you achieve your poker goals and dreams. "Challenges" does NOT mean prop bets, wagers, etc.

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Re: Moved to Vegas to pursue the dream

Thing have been going very well since my wife and i moved to Las Vegas but that is not due to my work ethic. I have done well but all I can think about is how much better I could be doing if I were more disciplined and putting in more hours at the table instead of just ducking around all the time. So I have decided to implement weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual goals for myself. Self discipline is something that is very important to me although I have struggled with it in my life. I have also let fear and doubt guide a lot of my decisions. I joined the navy because I didnt want to go to school and didnt know what to do really, poker seemed like a pipe drea.. Then I got out and did better than I expected online but as soon as black Friday happened I decided to go to school because it was the safer choice. I really hated school and never liked the jobbthat I had chosen. It was extremely secure but all that meant was I was guaranteeing myself that I woupd spend 40 hours or so per week doing something that I didnt like. I dont mind that if I didnt have other options but I always have but was too "realistic" to go for it. Now in doing it and it feels very good. Instead of being nervous about having a bad runni have decided to put any of that worried energy into improving my game and myself, especially in the discipine area. I believe that the path to freedom starts with self discipline. I'm working on my actual goals right now and will post them here so that they are out in the world as soon as I have them. If anyone has suggestions feel free. These goals will benpoker oriented with diet and exercise in there as well.
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Re: Moved to Vegas to pursue the dream

Well we had a deep run in the Venetian 3500 cppt. Took 20th getting it in there w AQ to A10 and he turned a 10. Would have had about 50bb going into 2 tables with 185k to first. Cash games have been going well also. Starting to meet more people out here also. Really finding my groove and having a good time. Gotta grind and build and build and grind.
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Re: Moved to Vegas to pursue the dream

Originally Posted by dwf1029 View Post
Played a 2/5 session at Red Rock overall it went well. Had a few hands that ill go over here.

I raise w KQdd from utg 1 and get one caller from utg2. Hes an older guy who has been playing a lot of hands

I bet 20 and he calls

turn 4d

I bet 20 and he calls

river 5 and i bet 65 and he says "so now you dont want a call" and he calls. Owned me pretty hard there but my line didnt make sense. If I bet 35 ott and then 60otr i think it works all day. Underestimated the opponent there and lost the pot for it.

A little while goes by and we look down at KK and make it 20, btn and bb call

Flop 964 with 2 spades

bb checks and I bet 35, both call

Turn 7c

bb checks and I bet 85 and both call again

river 7d and bb shoves 200, I call and btn tank folds

bb shows 35 for missed straight and we win.

I think I should have bet around 105-115 ott in this hand. The button had been super tight and folded every flop except this one and the bb is a very loose agg player.

The two days before this i had been playing the venetian deep stacks. Played until about 10pm on day 1a and B and then busted out so this cash sess was only about 4 hours.
First off I like your thread and will follow. Im planning on making a move to Vegas in the next few years.

You might want to try and include starting stack sizes in HH's. It helps the reader get a better understanding.

Hand 1, I am also confused my these bets as your bet sizing is odd on the turn. What range are we putting Villian on. Out of position and betting 2 overs is a bad combo. This flop hits his range way more than ours. Sometimes you have to let these go or taka a different line. A bigger turn bet will define his range much more than 20. At that point you can let it go if he calls or raises. Anything other then a fold to a turn bet of 50 ish and your pretty well beat.

Hand 2. According to your flop, trun river. He did turn a straight. So was it a typo or? 3,4,5,6,7 is a straight so. Unsure about this 1. Also calling off with an over pair in to 2 players probably is not a line yiu want to take everytime. Your still losing to straights, 2 pair, sets. Only a small range of 2 players will be the flush draw.

Just my 2 cents. Hope it helps. Good luck
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