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Poker Goals & Challenges Post your threads logging your travels up the poker ladder as you achieve your poker goals and dreams. "Challenges" does NOT mean prop bets, wagers, etc.

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Min-Bet Omaha/Mix Monkey Returns to Full Time Live Poker After 2 Years Retired..

Summary: I am returning to full time live poker after 2.5 years away. (In that time I did not play a single hand of poker.) I started the journey in July of this year knowing I would be out of touch and need to improve. As it turns out I was much rustier and needed a lot more work. I committed myself to play 500 hours of $8/16 (half kill) before moving back to $20/40 +

This challenge/blog is about the journey back. the ups and downs of professional live poker and the mental challenges. It is the mental aspects that encouraged this thread in the first place. I do not have anyone around to discuss strategy, games etc.. So this will be that outlet. Hopefully there are a few limit Omaha/Mix game players out there that will discuss, critique and offer quality feedback.

The Challenge is to move up and improve along the way. Learn games that either I've never played (Archie, Super Stud etc.) and improve in games I have limited experience (Badeucey, badacey).

Goal #1: Reach 500 hours at $8/16 O.E. Move up to $20/40 O.E.
Goal #2: Learn new games (to me) and Move up to $40/80 Mix

Games: I play Omaha 8b (locally the game is 2-way Omaha 8b and Stud 8b known as O.E.) currently however the goal is to play Mix games $40/80 +

I do play some limit holdem while waiting for a seat in the O.E. game however I do not count those hours into the challenge. I have a love/hate relationship with limit holdem so discussions will be limited.

October Results:
Hours: 118:19
Sessions: 22
Net Hourly: $16.94
Net $$: $2005

October was a mixed bag, I played not enough hours, played a few sessions tired and tilted. Played not so well in spots where I was trying to isolate bad/spewy players.. This was my first full month back and I did re-discover a few important plays/strategies that i was not using the previous few sessions. I made several (8-10) bad river decisions in Stud8 (folding!!) Going forward I close my eyes and call if/when I EVER get to 7th street multi-way.
FWIW: prior to my break I was at $51.48 hourly in $8/16 Omaha with 1800+ hours recorded (some $15/30 was mixed in) I am not prepared to make an estimate of my current EV in these games however I think I can out do October results quite nicely plugging a few leaks and focusing on playing optimal hours.

History/Background Personal and Professional [TLDR]: I consider myself a hybrid of live/online poker experience. i started playing poker at 18 when the Indian Casino's allowed. in 2003 I started playing online a bit. Mostly limit holdem on UltimateBet and Poker.[com] i believe it was called?!
I played NLHE cash/tournaments from '04-'06 when I started learning Omaha8b and other games. Online I started playing heads-up limit HE and Omaha8b in '08 and that was my primary focus up to black Friday.

After Black Friday myself and my GF at the time would travel to Vegas and play Omaha games Thursday-Tuesday. (it was a 4 hour drive from N.W. valley of Arizona) and also continued to play HU games online (black chip poker prior to merge with ACR and closing HU) Got incredibly burned out!!

I loved playing heads-up online cash & SNG's. and I think looking back now, it was some sort of ego crush, or life crush that I was forced to go and sit in a casino poker room everyday. I think this is an issue for other players transitioning over to live. It is especially irritating to play 25 hands/hour and see your hourly E.V diminished. At the time I was also dealing with a lot of personal/family issues that required my focus. Burned out and frustrated I looked to other things I could do, and this became a 2 year break.

I had other things that I felt needed to be accomplished or at least attempted. I started college at 36 years old - this was probably the hardest thing to do. I always felt a bit of embarrassment not finishing high school. I have never worked at a traditional job, always in business and then poker. so my education never really came up, but I knew that it was something that would have been very helpful. Starting college at my age and being so far behind was difficult and humbling at the same time. I enjoy the process of learning, and going to college was one of the best things I could have done.

Other Tidbits: I am 40 years old and yes, I despise my screen name! Mods, can we change it?!?! I have played for a living since 2005ish. I have two sons that are both adults (18 & 20) My wife, and boys' mother passed away in 2010 after a lengthy battle with breast cancer. I live in the East Valley of Arizona and play at Talking Stick. I love philosophy and topics around ethics, morality and religion. I will discuss any topic no matter how taboo just not so much in this thread to avoid a derail

Back to what this Challenge is about:
I will post weekly results and occasionally some daily re-caps and interesting spots/hands. Realize the interest in fixed limit games is.. well limited, but this challenge is about much more than the games. and more about the process of live poker full time and returning to poker after a very long break.

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Join Date: Jul 2006
Location: under ground lair in the desert!
Posts: 958
Re: Min-Bet Omaha/Mix Monkey Returns to Full Time Live Poker After 2 Years Retired..

A few other topics I forgot to mention but our hugely important to full time live poker and this challenge.

Diet & Exercise: I have got away from daily routine of 3 mile walks and going to the gym, and have gained 35 lbs as a result.. But aside from the health aspect my mental game took a huge hit when I stopped exercising. I am committed to never playing live poker without first having a trip to the gym and or a 2-3 mile walk.

I am also giving up all forms of "fast food", fried anything and eating cleaner. I rarely ( once every 2-4 months maybe) drink any soda or cola. or anything sweetened. I have a coffee addiction that I have no intention to give up as it gives my life meaning and purpose.. I will however limit it to one venti per 12 hour period. I get a 5 shot venti Americano at starbucks everyday. Iced in the summer as its hot as **** in AZ and I am not out of the house before noon.

I cannot overstate the importance of diet and exercise as it relates to mental well being, any suggestions are welcomed but we will not discuss quitting coffee/espresso
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