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Poker Goals & Challenges Post your threads logging your travels up the poker ladder as you achieve your poker goals and dreams. "Challenges" does NOT mean prop bets, wagers, etc.

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Re: The Long Walk to Freedom: WalmartCNXN

comin off a ~14th and ~14th performances in the 109 mini thrill/ bb 162.

Lost a pretty disgusting cooler for 2x chip lead in the mini thrill vs a guy I'd been battling with 3bs/4bs etc...


uhmmm other than that been experimenting with this CBD oil and CBD weed when grinding...reallllly liking it. just helps me get relaxed and I just really enjoy playing poker a lot more like this. Obv when u enjoy playing more you play better etc. This only has a small amount of THC in it so you don't really get any of the mental bluriness that comes with std stuff.

Diet: Started doing this intermittent fasting stuff just because I read/heard some really positive stuff about it from expert scientists and a few friends have had shockingly good results with it.

-I've been doing it about 5 days now and feels like I'm eating way less calories by osmosis and slamming garbage down after my session isn't acceptable. Feeling pretty good with healthier diet/eating less/more intense/frequent gym sessions.

Poker's been going amazing, starting to get into a bit better shape, been making some gains on relationships....feeling like a millyyyyy...oh yeah, and fishing season right around the corner.

Somewhere near that brutal nut low that I was in a few months ago a friend and I ordered Chinese food after dumping piles in our Sunday sessions. Not that I'm supersticious or anything but my fortune cookie said "Your boss is going to give you a raise in the near future."

Even though I don't have a boss I couldn't help but kinda smile and say "I hope so". Sorta got this feeling that things were gonna turn soon in a good way. I actually totally forgot that fortune until I was cleaning the spot on my desk it was sitting in today. I read it again and couldn't help but smile a bit and look back on that ****ty moment only a few months ago.


Mindset has been way better lately. Maybe because of the improving weather, maybe because things are starting to come together again, or maybe because of grinding Fedor's mindset app Started practising catching myself when my thoughts are heading down a negative path and trying to reframe or correct them. Life is just way better like this imo.

End this random rambles with 2 things:

1. This came up on my youtube today...lmk what u think

2. This excerpt from a Kendrick song


Happy Easter etc etc probably won't be around here for a bit, taker ezzzz
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old hand
Join Date: May 2013
Location: Ravaging Post Flop
Posts: 1,705
Re: The Long Walk to Freedom: WalmartCNXN

That ever so awkward moment when you're so ****ing excited to grind that you re-schedule your whole Easter weekend just so you can sling some volume. After getting my nuts ran through a meat grinder all weekend I feel I've been brought back down to Earth...and it's time for a vacation, partly to reset, partly for damage control.
There's a fun hand @ least lol. Tbh I think my bluff is pretty sexy, I mean value bet

Sooo booked a small little vacation with a girl for the next few days to get some tours of wineries in the Niagara region and just for a bit of a getaway. Hotel room looks pretty sweet so looking forward to that. Weather is finally above freezing here and quite nice lately so will take advantage of that and go to the cottage for the week leading up to SCOOP and install a new floor for my parents there (and be there for the fishing season opener ) You never realize how much you appreciate sunshine and warm weather/nature until you've spent a Winter in Canada.

Side Notes:
-Intermittent fasting actually been pretty GTO thus far. Originally got the idea to start from seeing some people I know irl have astounding results and I've been struggling with consistency in weight loss. Did a lot of research on it and the benefits are actually quite interesting. Allegedly it's very good for fixing things like gut issues and giving your body time to correct itself.
-Can't speak for any major changes as it's only been one week but have been eating way less junk by osmosis. Reduced feeding window, reduced cravings, and more stable energy/less being bloated/inflammation thus far. Been surprisingly easy to stick with it thus far and actually kinda feels good being on an empty stomach in the mornings.
-Diet still needs massive corrections and that's part of what's been holding me back I think. Doug Polk was saying he stopped focusing on the gym and started focusing on cutting calories and that's where he had his success. I wish I could eat whatever I wanted but sadly I'm not 16 playing AAA hockey anymore Need to eat better and that's the bottom line.

-Everything seems to be going very well if I can be completely honest. Mindset and happiness seem to be at their most stable/peak points in probably the last 5 years. Everything seemed to be in shambles for most of 2018 but 2019 has been quite a blessing where it's all been coming together nicely so far.

-Finally got a new computer and it is siiiiiick. Well, it's on order. Also bought a new chair that's like a knockoff of a Dx racer for 1/3 of the price. Shopping around for a new monitor(s)/standing desk now. Things should be GTO af heading into SCOOP.

Won't be around here much for the next week or two. Wish y'all the best!
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