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Poker Goals & Challenges Post your threads logging your travels up the poker ladder as you achieve your poker goals and dreams. "Challenges" does NOT mean prop bets, wagers, etc.

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Legerdemain's zero to poker hero journey

This opening post is kinda a mix of looking for some answers, detailing my position and just verbalising my inner thoughts. Probably a little different to the typical grinder or the degen type threads considering my current situation, but I would like to log my journey here also.

My current situation is as follows:

- Mid thirties, single, no dependants

- Australian, moving to South America/Eastern Europe in November for min 12months, max permanently.

- I haven't had a job for over a year, as I went travelling and believe I am probably unemployable now in my profession (Have had multiple large gaps in employment history)

- Have about $270k in cash and $80k in investments (plus retirement funds). I have recently setup a couple of companies but its too early to tell if they will be profitable, I am hoping one will be making me $3k/mo by the end of the year which would cover my living expenses in SA/EE and I can concentrate more on Poker.

- Looking to go hard into poker for at least another source of income but ideally id love it to be the main source, although I am really only getting back into poker now after a long lay off. Previously I never really played really too seriously, just tried to make an extra bit of fun money on the side. I would consider myself an "ok" player, but I am under no illusions I would need to put in some serious effort to get my ability to a level I can make a liveable income from. Obviously I have a decent sized bank and no intention to move back to 9-5 so I am hoping 6 months dedication to poker will at least give me an idea of where I am at. After that 6 months I can then make a decision to go forward or try something else.


1. I only just found out Australia banned a lot of online Poker (sucks), will I be able to play on these banned sites while I reside overseas? or will the jig be up when I try to withdraw to a Australian bank account? if thats the case I suppose I could always open a NZ bank account as I am a dual citizen?

2. I have been out of the scene for so long so would like to know what the best 1-3 sites are to grind cash and play the occasional mtt? What about rakeback? what software is currently 'must have' for online players (HUDs, performance logging etc)? I have a Mac if that matters...

3. Any coaching/training sites recommended to sub? happy to drop up to a grand on these types of resources over time.

4. Happy to put aside $20k for a bankroll, I am looking for suggestions for a nice level to begin with to fairly assume I am a winning player at that level and begin to move up (How many hands?). I don't think its a great idea to jump straight to a higher level just because I have the roll for it, because I am sure I will just start off losing at the higher stakes (but also microstakes might not be worth it considering rake?)

Thanks for reading!
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