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Poker Goals & Challenges Post your threads logging your travels up the poker ladder as you achieve your poker goals and dreams. "Challenges" does NOT mean prop bets, wagers, etc.

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The Last Hurrah

Hello 2p2,

This is my 3rd and most likely final PGC. My first one was the story of grinding up the stakes until I made more money than my full time construction job. I made my goal and quit my job. The second goal was to make $50k in 6 months to finance a trip to Europe. I'm not sure if I made my monetary goal or not(was close and lost results when I lost my database) but I have been traveling since August '15 so I count it as a success.

Since then I have been to Prague, Athens, Thessaloniki, Berlin, Malta, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Mostar, Budva, Bar, Shkoder, Tirana, Pisa, Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, and am currently in Nice, France. I played in and busted out of WSOP Europe's Oktoberfest event in Berlin and played(and bricked) several events at EPT Malta.

It has been a fantastic time so far but our trip is coming to an end. We are headed to Lyon and then Paris and then maybe Amsterdam and London before heading back home to Philadelphia. Poker has overall been very good to me and has allowed me to experience this awesome trip. However, here it comes, Poker has been awful to me this year.

In December, I had an awesome month, cashing out twice and then cashing out again the first week of January. My system has traditionally been to deposit $500-$1k and run it up to ~$5k and keep cashing out while maintaining a $5k bankroll. I usually play $200nl as my main game and play in good games up to $1knl when they run. I also have been mixing in some $100plo to $400plo.

Then the night I cashed out in January, the doomswitch flipped. I lost ~$1500 in some very juicy $400nl games and my account was at $3300. I couldn't win a hand at PLO, ran bad at NL, next thing I knew. Account Busto.

Fast forward, 2 months, a few deposits, a ton of tilt, and here we are. I am determined to not deposit again, and am playing $50nl and $100nl, and up to $100plo. I am still running unbelievably bad, but I will keep grinding. I got lazy in February and didn't play much at all, but for the last few days, I've been going in.

Results still aren't there but the heart is back! I am making this PGC to ensure I finish the trip strong and hopefully you guys can hold me accountable.

A Few Graphs

Trip to Date

Year To Date

A Few Hands From Today(Whine incoming)

Sorry for the awful format. Such is life with no good HUD, on ghetto sites.


Villain: $140

Villain(BUT) opens to $2, SB calls, I 3b to $8 with KK, BUT 4! to $20, I call


Flop: J62

I x, BUT bets $34, I shove for $120, BUT calls with 82

Turn: 8




I have:


Flop: 984

Turn: K



AI on turn

Board: AT8J

I have:




River: J


By making this thread I hereby invoke the powers of the boomswitch.
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Re: The Last Hurrah

Im sure you will turn it around and start crushing.

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