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Poker Goals & Challenges Post your threads logging your travels up the poker ladder as you achieve your poker goals and dreams. "Challenges" does NOT mean prop bets, wagers, etc.

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Old 03-07-2018, 12:42 PM   #1
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Hyper SnG's & Low Stake MTT's [Freerolls ITT]


This'll be my last PGC. I think I've had 3 or 4 since 2018 alone? Pathetic. Not because I don't continue playing or because I went bust, but because I don't like my overall theme. I've started a few new things, and have changed my focus to directly impact the format(s) which I enjoy playing. I really, really enjoy hyper 6-max SnG's. These are running on about every USA site, but BETOnline is probably the best as they give out cash prizes weekly for the biggest volume/performance grinders. Basically $1.50's -> $7's are for the bronze leaderboard which is $250 to win weekly.. they also have this for MTT's as well in that buy-in range. That's $500 a week that is possible to make before profits.

My goal is to climb to the 7's from the $1.50's. This'll be done by building my bankroll from $100 -> $500. These hypers are SOFT, I think beatable up to 6% ROI+. I'll also be mixing in some Hypers on GlobalPoker as I've heard good things about that as well.

If I can climb to the 7's, beat them for 2% ROI.. I will quit my job and grind these and only these + small stake MTT's for a living. The current champion (has won 10+ weeks in a row probably 30+) plays about 160-200 hypers a week.. I think I can do that in a single day.

My plan is below:

1) Start with $100 on BetOnline, $50 on GlobalPoker.
2) Climb from $1.50's to $3's on BetOnline once BR is at $300.
3) Climb from $3's to $7's on BetOnline once BR is at $700.
4) Grind 7's & 3's until proven 2%+ ROI
5) Quit job (hate it) and grind Hypers/MTT's for a living

I also have a stake active on WPN, so that'll be my main focus until that concludes. This is for $11 ABI MTT's. My income will go to coaching/bankroll on BOL.

I'm looking for some advice on getting ICMizer setup for 6-max Hypers with 500 chips.

Daily Goals:

- At least 5 hypers daily MINIMUM (GP until BOL fixes depo issues)
- Some sort of athletic activity daily (minimum half mile sprint/1 mile jog)
- Some sort of material review (ICMizer or RYE material review)
- No fast food/Uber Eats/Post mates

If I fail any of these, all posters from that week will receive $5

Graphs reset on both, good luck me!
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Re: Hyper SnG's & Low Stake MTT's [Freerolls ITT]

Gl man! Hypers are fun!

Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G925F met Tapatalk
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Old 03-07-2018, 12:50 PM   #3
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Re: Hyper SnG's & Low Stake MTT's [Freerolls ITT]

good luck man. i have been playing a bunch of these micro hypers on BOL lately so i guess ill see ya there
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Re: Hyper SnG's & Low Stake MTT's [Freerolls ITT]

Best of luck dude.
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Old 03-13-2018, 10:23 AM   #5
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Re: Hyper SnG's & Low Stake MTT's [Freerolls ITT]

Been tough to follow any goals because the entire goal of this was to grind on BOL.. but they can't even accept a deposit at the moment. Brutal.

I still have been playing on stake for MTT's and am having a sick downswing. I've made some runs, but nothing is coming together. -$365.

Will be implementing more of a study focused approach going forward. I want to almost be at 70-80% study, 20-30% play. Right now the information is a bit overload and I think I'm trying to do to much to early. I'll refocus and begin putting more effort towards studying. I want to review a video in full, complete notes twice, then I'll make notecards of the best information from the two complete reviews of the same video. I'll then study those note cards until it is normal and easy for my to comprehend.

I think this is the best way for me to study and keep my focused.

Tuesday is my day off and I won't have any volume this Saturday again.

I'm going to vegas for WSOPC $365 6-max event + some of the nightly's

Will update more actively once BOL is up.. and the freeroll will start once I can deposit on there
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Old 03-13-2018, 01:32 PM   #6
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Re: Hyper SnG's & Low Stake MTT's [Freerolls ITT]

gl man
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Old 03-14-2018, 12:31 PM   #7
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Re: Hyper SnG's & Low Stake MTT's [Freerolls ITT]

Looks like BOL is finally TRYING to fix it's issues.. hopefully soon.

Either way, I've been grinding on a website making $ playing Madden/Fortnite.

I bumhunt basically. You get the people who just sign up, average under 1 kill a game and you take their $5 and hope for a rematch.

I've deposited $40 and my BR is currently $70. Not bad for playing video games.. I also lost two madden games to complete bull**** which would of been like $30 more for the roll. Just sick. One of them I missed 3 extra points and a FG and we went into OT lolol. I fumbled, dropped at least 9 INT's etc.

If ya'll play Fortnite 1v1's or Madden or any game.. PM me for my link and you get like $20 free if you depo $10. Pretty stellar deal right now.

Played a little poker last night, cashed the $11 15k but bricked the other 3. Tough playing lots of volume when I work + Saturday I can't play cuz GF's family thing.
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Old 03-23-2018, 11:44 AM   #8
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Re: Hyper SnG's & Low Stake MTT's [Freerolls ITT]


Won a $8.80 1k on WPN.. but proceeded to follow that up with a downswing.

I'm about -$300 or so on WPN right now.. which is bleh.

BOL Bankroll: $90.
I got about 72 hypers in last week.. this is while grinding MTT's and having BOL issues.

I ran god awful. I understand its a part of hypers but man is it mentally tough to fight through.. even worse than MTT's lol.

I'm slowing down a bit, but I'm planning on spending more time studying. I'm going to max 4 table MTT's this weekend and 2 table hypers on the side. I'm not going more than that.

I also decided to stop firing higher buy-ins myself. I'm going to stick purely to my stake with my buddy and BOL hypers. It's best for me mentally and my development. It's tough to see all the people around me crushing.. Mike R (Wsopboy) had a 40k night 2 nights ago... wtf? Why can't I run super hot . Ali I... I mean holy ****? Never really met Ali but have had discussions as we live in the same town.. and is he CRUSHING. Honestly it's my dream to get close to these guys and grow.. it's a huge part of development that I'm missing.

It's just so hard mentally. I know I'm working hard, but not my hardest. My results are fine, but they aren't on the level as the other guys who I thought I'd be able to compete with (usa based players around my age).

I'm just not getting there though, but I'm not giving up.. I'm to competitive and to driven. I just need to change some things in my life.. probably stop smoking weed while I play.. and stop focusing on other things like Fortnite.

Meanwhile.. my PlayersLounge bankroll is at $220.. I'm in for $75 or so.

Can get anyone free $10 when they sign up btw, just PM.

I'm just going to continue to push. I need to spend more time studying though and stop 8-12 tabling MTT's + 2-4 hypers.

I just want to sunrun for like one weekend and then I'll have my confidence back.. haha.

I've also tried everything I can to get a real coach to give me a shot at showing how hard I can work. Huge % of my profits.. whatever it takes. I'm not so focused on making money but improving right now. I've PM'd countless people, I've tried almost everything.. but again I won't stop because I'm to committed to this.

My job ends in July. I'll start school in August again.

Sorry for the rants.. it's just mentally tough when everyone else your age is crushing but you're stagnant.. people who you wanted to be at their level by this time but am still at the limits where I started. Tough.
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Old 03-26-2018, 12:08 PM   #9
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Re: Hyper SnG's & Low Stake MTT's [Freerolls ITT]


Another meh weekend. I had $80 owed to me from a loan, so I fired games on ACR Saturday/Sunday by myself.

I made a deep run, banked $180 and fired it all Sunday.. only to min cash the $25k and burn through it.

Sad man. I'm just frustrated.

BOL Bankroll: $35
Stake bankroll: $305 (from $700).
Fortnite Wagers: $369.40 (from $30).

Fortnite wagers are going amazingly.

Everything else sucks. My GF's cousin also killed his mom/dad.. long story but you can google "Buckley Double Homicide" if you wanna know more. Such a nasty two weeks for me, but I have to keep on pushing. This is my goal, and my dream. I want to succeed.

Thanks for all the coaching PM's as well. Right now, I need to focus on helping my GF through this hard time and her family so I don't have much time for coaching but after April 7th I'll start looking at my options. I'll also PM back shortly.

I'm decided to structure my weeks going forward:
Monday - GF day/Poker day
Tuesday - Poker/Fortnite $ day
Wednesday - Poker/Fortnite $ day
Thursday - Poker/or GF extra time
Friday - Fortnite/Poker
Saturday - Poker & late night fortnite
Sunday - Poker

When I list both, it's either one or the other. If I want to focus on Poker, it's ALL poker until every table is done then I can consider some fortnite $ games.

I get down to one or two tables and then fire up some fortnite games.. which I know has to be costing me money so CYA LATER DISTRACTIONS.

Finally through my second RYE video with full notes.. SO MUCH CONTENT.

Anyways, thanks guys!
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Old 03-28-2018, 11:32 AM   #10
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Re: Hyper SnG's & Low Stake MTT's [Freerolls ITT]


I had a better day, and a change of mindset.

I got 4th in the $7.70 KO with zero KO's lol for a small cash..

I also cashed 4/8 total tournaments to book a decently small profit.

Had a run in the $15k and the $20k but both I got it in very good 65%+ and bricked. Oh well. All it takes is one decent FT at these and I'll be freerolling with current backer for months.

Anyways.. my goal is to start putting in real volume. I want to study in the morning, workout right when home (small run) and then start my session and play until at WORST 2 AM if I make a deep run. I only plan on firing $10's that are juicy in GTD's or small fields ($11 1k's etc).

I want to try and get 1,500 MTT's played by the end of July. I should get this easily, but yeah.

My focus will be only on MTT's. I need to stop trying to change focus because I ran bad the night before.. just going to keep trucking on.
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Old 03-29-2018, 11:29 AM   #11
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Re: Hyper SnG's & Low Stake MTT's [Freerolls ITT]

A meh profitable day yesterday.

Almost had a nice score was 10/13 in the $5.50 4k.. guy opens UTG I have AKo with 16bb and I jam.. he has KK gg me.

Ran god awful in the $11's that I fired.. so that hurt the BR a little but I still think we ended up profitable by a little.

I wanna get 1500 MTT's played by July... hopefully I can get there.. with a full time job lol.
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Old 03-30-2018, 05:47 PM   #12
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Re: Hyper SnG's & Low Stake MTT's [Freerolls ITT]


TIME TO go HARD this weekend.

Will be firing EVERYTHING I can $11 and under this weekend.. volume will be INSANE.

Going to deposit on BOL again and scoop that 200% bonus as well. Their progressive KO's are too juicy to not.

Probably cut out all hypers and only focus on MTT's. I needed to refocus, and this'll help.

Tonight I'll fire a little bit but tomorrow... I'll be up early playing satties into the $22 7k early special and then playing through the entire day! I'm stoked.

Updates to come!
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