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Poker Goals & Challenges Post your threads logging your travels up the poker ladder as you achieve your poker goals and dreams. "Challenges" does NOT mean prop bets, wagers, etc.

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How I got to this WSOP 2019 - Grinding leading up to it and Beyond.

Hey Everyone,

First things first, Iíd like to introduce myself Alex Hart. Two Plus Two has been a favourite for many years. Mostly as a lurker but have been active in certain subs for periods at a time including 3 PG & Cís

TL;DR - Iím a 30 y/o who works 9 days a week for something unrelated to Poker, Been playing poker for the better part of 15 years. Trying to work on mental leaks and play serious poker this year at the WSOP. Oh and print $$$

While 2019 was approaching like most people I said, ďItís going to be different this year, Iím going to press harder, become the best version of myselfĒ. By increasing my effort, focus and motivation levels I was able to see the benefits right away. Poker results, weight loss, personal growth were all things that saw a boost since late 2018. My winnings in poker had already passed all of 2018 by the time February was in the books. I had lost close to 25 lbs from my high point and even avoided having to wear granny panties on my head during a session for a prop bet. Other than what felt like a cold dark winter we were cruising to crush 2019 just as expected. Winter months end early here in Vancouver BC, and after having a great start to the year things began to get feel lax, WSOP here I come Iím going to win all the monies. Címon I had 2 great months this is ezmode now right?

March showed up and our results changed as quickly as the weather. I slowed down on poker hours, and after chopping a weight loss bet saw the weight begin to come back on and posting less in my blog. If you asked me while it was happening I would pin it to a mental leak of some sort. Winners tilt was fresh in my mind, I would have ample time to play but choose other less productive alternatives. I would blame the pressure of having to win, deep down it was fear of failure. The thoughts that should not enter the mind of a mentally strong poker player such as Ďbook the winí crossed into my mind on a few occasions. It was so short sighted of me, the months mean nothing at all except what I make of them in my own head. Being a poker player can be compared to that of a baseball player sometimes. One of the most shining comparisons is that even when your the best on the field you still strikeout. This is something that you have to be able to handle if you are going to have success, not just on the felt but also off of it. YOU ARE GOING TO FAIL!

April came and went seeing me be a loser for the first time since December. Funny enough April could be compared to December in that we played minimal sessions just compounding onto the mental side of it. April started off going well but 3rd session in I had back to back losing sessions which totaled $1,400. This was a lotta bit soul crushing and it affected me more than it needed to. Iíve been doing this for 10 years, this should be second nature by now and roll off the back. It was time to go back thinking logically. Time to put back in the hours, smooth out all valleys and the strategy. Thanks to some motivation I found on Youtube (GaryVee, Valuetainment, Brian Tracy).

May brought on a change of pace. It was time to pump some life back into our action plan, better late than never after all. Picked up some good old habits such as meditation, it has been a couple years since we were meditating every day. I have decided to give Primed Mind a chance shoutout to Fedor Holz. I am doing it on weekdays after I leave the office, and on weekends right before I play a poker session. Thanks to utilizing the App iíve been able to add some calmness back into my life. Which has helped conquer the anxiety of failure and having to book a win. I have also found extra motivation to get going on my VLOG and InstaGram Stories (babaloos15) thanks to upgrading my phone iíll be sure to have an episode out this week.

The WSOP fast approaching and our accommodations booked. I canít help but to think about what July is going to be like. I canít help but begin to feel some of the feelings that I felt in March and April. What if I actually suck at poker? What if I lose money on this poker trip? Are my expectations unrealistic? I hear myself answering these: ďNo I do not suck, i have spent 15 years perfecting my craft. These guys have nothing on me.Ē or ďIf I lose so be it, my bankroll can handle the swing.Ē Lastly ďNo my expectations are not to high. I am a great player and will be able to come out on top as long as I continuously put in the workĒ

Tonight I sit here typing this out. The same poker dream is in my mind that i had 15 years ago when I saw Moneymaker crowned the champion. This WSOP summer could mean life changing things. I could better provide for my family and my life-partner Kristin, I could move plans forward and possibly explore new things i never thought possible. Each possibility is what we all love about the poker dream, it about how anything is possible. As the old saying goes, all you need is a chip and a chair and I have both.

Alex Hart
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