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Poker Goals & Challenges Post your threads logging your travels up the poker ladder as you achieve your poker goals and dreams. "Challenges" does NOT mean prop bets, wagers, etc.

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The hidden dreams - SWISS EDITION

A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work!

I can't really speak for everybody right here. But in my case, i always had that one dream in my mind of how i would like to live my life if i would have every opportunity open. The dream wich i would not tell anybody about it because i would look stupid to the people, about how everything is planed out so detailed, and at the same time so surrealistic. But that one big dream always followed me on my previous ways. I just can't get away of it. But what i did so far to make my dream come true? Not enough! As it's still a dream and not reality.

One way to keep momentum going is to have constantly greater goals.

So this thread is not only about poker in general. But poker is definitely a part of it. This thread is about me, my life, my goals, and what i do to create the life i always dreamed about, and make my long hidden dream come true. First of all i will let everybody know how my hidden dream looks like in any detail, and make a list of things i will achieve in the next couple months. Every week i will aim for one big change in my life until everything wich distracts me from living my dream has totally been removed, and everything wich has to been done to live it, is done. It will take a lot of time, energy and sacrifices. But i am ready to chase it!

The now.

First things first. I am 27 years old, male, and overall a very happy person.
I have a part-time job at the local climbing gym where i set some new routes and also do some office stuff like financing and so on. With local i mean the beauty of Switzerland. As you know i always had my dream in the back of my head, wich includes a certain level of fitness, so as you can guess, i do a lot of sports too.
My main passion has become climbing and mountaineering. In the following section i will guide you trough my transition from being a lazy person to where i am now with the help of some photographs.

Like a couple of good stories it all started with a quick trip to middle earth:

After we came back, me and my best friend decided to take it a step further and go on to some new hights:

We came addicted. And soon we started to spend most of the time in the beauty of the alps:

So we could get inspired by the beauty of it in the morning:

Everything had changed, and so did our mind. We started to work out really hard to reach new limits:

And then the day had come to decide to get rid of everything wich we don't really need, including the flat and move into a van to live like vagabond, and to create a whole new life from the scratch:

That brings us to now. After almost a year spending most of the time outdoors, i had a lot of time to re-think my life. And i had a lot of time to think what we were able to do out of nowhere. That time has shown me how much things are possible in life with the power of mind, and enough of effort.
Afterward i spent a lot of time thinking about how the perfect life would look to me, and what i have to do to reach everything i would like to.
The first step was to create this thread, cause i like the motivation i get to keep things going when i write about it. And second i would like to show the people who read this how much is possible in life if you really believe in it.

You just can’t beat the person who never gives up.

You might wonder now, why i chose a poker forum to post about all this. The answer is simple. Poker in fact is a big part in my life since 8 years now. Most of the time i love the game itself, and i used to spent over 80-100h a month to play and study the great game over the last couple years. And so i will in the future. Poker for me is the balance in life i need to live out my creativity beside sports and social life. I used to play PLO cash-games from PLO2 to PLO200 and MTT's whatever i satellited into ranging from 109's up to 530's. I never played full-time, but generated a good side income trough it. But as you can guess, it's part of my dream to play full time live and online. Therefore i will use the upcoming 6 months from 1.june on to see if i could maintain a steady income and make the transition to full-time till the start of 2019.

This is me playing online:

What's next?

Now it's to time to expose my long hidden dream in detail.

In my dream i am living in an old house in a small mountain-village. I get up early in the morning, drink a cup of coffee and go for an run in the mountains. Afterwards i come back, take a shower and have a healthy breakfast on my cosy balcony. Then i go into my office and play till it's lunch time. Afterwards i settle my van and drive to the local climbing gym where i go to train for 2 hours. Then i go downtown to get some fresh vegetables and groceries and drive back home. Back home i take a couple hours to spent some time reading and doing stuff i love, like playing chess or research some new alpine projects and so on. At 6 p.m. i eat a healthy dinner and continue the grind. During weekdays i play till 10 p.m. and then enjoy some spare time afterwards till i go asleep at around 11 p.m. so i'm fresh for the next day. On the weekend i play some mtt's on the evening till it's finished and during the days i have a great time doing bunch of stuff with my friends and family.
Everything is really organised and prepared during the week. My food intake is balanced and so is my life. Once a month i take 2-3 days off to go and play some live cash games in Switzerland and Austria. During the summer season i go to visit some festivals and also run some alpine-marathons, wich take place in my region. My fitness lvl is above average and i feel awesome in my own body. Once a year i take place at the EPT and play some live tournaments. Overall i'm a very structured, balanced and disciplined person and live the life of my dreams!

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

Now it's time to set some clear goals to aim for, but not all at once.
I will set different goals on daily/weekly and monthly bases. And once i reached a goal, i add some new once for the next day/week and month.

Monthly goal:

My main goal for this month is:

- to find a house to rent somewhere in a small mountain village.

This will be my new environment and a base i can create to chase my other goals with more focus from the beginning on. That's why i chose this as my first monthly goal. I will post pictures of it once i have found and get one.

Weekly goals:

My weekly goals will be progressive. So i start of with one or two goals, and then add some more goals to the list, but let the old once continue.

The first goals are:

- Play 20k hands a week.
- Run at least 25km overall.

Daily goals:

Also progressive goals. I start off really low and then try to add more complex stuff in here to achieve on a daily base.

- Make at least 1 update about the progress in the thread.
- Meditate at least 5min.
- Ask a stranger how his day was so far.

This is it.
This is the start of this new thread. I will keep this thing alive as long as i have reached my dream! Updates about poker, training, love and life will follow on a daily base, and it would be a pleasure for me to see some people following this thing up as well. Feel free to ask any questions. And do not forget:

Why should you continue going after your dreams? Because seeing the look on the faces of the people who said you couldn’t… will be priceless.
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Re: The hidden dreams - SWISS EDITION

By the way. All photos exept the cashier were taken by my fellow vagabond and friend, and myself.
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Re: The hidden dreams - SWISS EDITION

DAY 1:

Hands played: 1815
Hours played: 3
EV BB/100: 21:51

I call it day one. In fact it was night one
But i just wanted to bring some hands in cause i have a lot of work to do tomorrow, and in the evening i'll be playing fornite with some friends. And also tomorrow a lot of people have public holiday, so i thought there might be more recreational player on the line tonight. And i might been right with that guess. The player pool was very soft. During every session i write down stuff i think about very quick, wich helps me to improve a little faster. So here they are:

1: On party-poker fast forward, wich is basically like zoom poker, there is a much smaller player pool once it comes to NL100. Almost ever table was like 5 regs and 1 rec. So it was more important to adjust to certain player types. Therefore i decided to play without a HUD and pay more attention and make notes to the players in the pool. I started 4 betting more often vs the aggro guy who 3 bets like every second hand in position. And he quickly took out some aggression. Or same same with this one guy who couldn't resist to squeeze in whenever possible. And so on. I adjusted quite well i think and gained much information about the other players. But i figured out that some guys mae their adjustments to me quite fast as well. It was almost scary.

2: The second note was about the hands i played per hour. I can only play 3 tables of fast-forward at once, cause with 4 the software starts lagging to hard. But i'm fine with that. The other thing is i only averaged about 600 hand/hour. Thats way less then on stars. But thats also because the software is much slower then on stars. And after like 40min. it also starts lagging a little bit. It's ok, cause i play in small sessions of 1h. 50 min at the tables and 10 min break. So after the break it works fine for quite some time.

3:The rakeback is quite nicely on party compared to stars. I made around 100 points. I need 2000 points to get back 800.- on the next Monday. For those of you who doesn't know, party-poker pays back the rakeback on a weekly base. Usually in the night from Sunday to Monday. You get 1 point per 1 dollar you paid in rake.

Here's a quick summary of the rakeback you can earn every week:

Overall a good first day and i'm very happy with my game. I had to make some very hard decisions on a couple turns and rivers, and played like a nit, but in the end it worked out. I'm not used to have the red line going below zero. But for this new player-pool i switched my play-style drastically.

Looking (fast) forward to Friday to arrive and to kick in another session to get on pace for the 20k hands week.
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Re: The hidden dreams - SWISS EDITION

I'm chillin @ the office right now and made a quick review from the session last night.
I usually put in a filter wich is sorted by " biggest pots lost" and then i do the same for "biggest pots won". I show you how this looks like, and afterwards i go in some detailed hand review.

I start of with the biggest pots lost:

And here are the biggest pots won:

Top three losses:

Hand 1: (-116.-)
The biggest pot lost was in the very beginning of the session.
I punted in AK suited preflop vs a 4-bet from my opponent and he showed Aces.
It was a clear mistake to punt it in at this point since he almost ever has aces or kings. But i wasn't used to the dynamics of no-limit fast forward poker and quickly made the conclusion to slow it down with AK further on, and try to play it hidden, wich made me quite some money later on that session. ( As you will see in the biggest pots won. )

Hand 1:

Hand 2: (-91.-)
Hand number two was just a classic cooler. Not much to say about that. I brought it in with 85% equity, and villain showed pretty much what i thought at this certain spot. so i'm fine with that play.

Hand 2:

Hand 3: (-61.-)
Ok. I made a huge mistake there given the sizing he has chosen on the river.
I come from over 2 years of PLO now, and the reason why i called his raise on the river was that he could only have the nut-flush-blocker. But i quickly realised that people in NLH do not play their blockers this aggressive. At least not at the lower stakes. In my opinion the right play would have been to check/call the river. This way i could also induce some river-bluffs as well at least.

Hand 3:

The biggest pots won are not really special. I just played very solid and got paid of multiple times when i hit big.
But there was one bigger pot where i played AK suited again. But this was after my punt and after i made the decision to not overplay AK preflop anymore.
In this certain spot i putted villain on exactly AQ. And i played a pot-sized bet on the turn the almost the exact same way a couple hands before against him, where he laid down. That's why i have chosen to go with the same line. ( As i said before. I tried to adjust to certain opponents as much as i could.)

Here's the hand:

That's it for now. Might have to do some work now, so i can finish the day a little early
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Re: The hidden dreams - SWISS EDITION

The weekend is calling!

I have like 1 hour left @ the office before i can happily join the team of the weekend-warriors.

What's up for the weekend you ask?


I'm gonna go driving my bmx bike with my buddy and afterwards at around 20:00 i'm gonna hit the tables and play some fast forward again for around 6 hours.


On saturday we get up early and go for a brunch. Followed by some more bmx action. In the evening we gonna have a couple beer and join the street-food-festival at the local town.


Sunday will be a highlight. I'm gonna visit a house wich would fit perfect to me and my budd. It's a little bit way up the mountain in a small village. It has 6 rooms and a gigantic garden. If everything works out well it could be possible for us to move in at the 01.06.18! That would be so fantastic news! I keep you up to date.
In the evening i have dinner with my mom. Cause it's mothers-day. And afterwards i'm gonna go and play some more fast-fold. If possible i play on stars to. But it depend how long it will take to put my money on there.

The poker-life:

As you know, i have set my self some goals for this month, and also the upcoming week. The next week i have to work a little more then usual wich will make the week a true grind.
My goal is still to play at least 20k hands per week, and stay balanced with work and sports.
Therefore i had to make myself a very tight timetable. And in order to hit the 20k hands mark i have to strictly stick to these timeframes.
In the picture below i show you how my timetable for the next week will look like.
Once we have found and moved into a house everything will switch drastically.
But for now i have to go this way, cause i'm living out of my van, and i have to go to the office to play some cards. The positive thing is i can park and sleep directly in front of the office. Therefore i can use the full time i have to grind that thing out.

I'm gonna do a timetable like this from week to week, since things will change up from time to time.

But for this week it looks like this:

This way i can maintain a steady grind and i will be able to play at least 20k hands every week beside my work and all my sports.

Things would be easier if i could play more then 3 fast tables. But then the software could hang itself up, so i'm not gonna risk any of that. Instead i plan to move some cash to stars to grind over there as well.

I have made a lot of thoughts about where to play my main volume at, and the conclusion was as follow:

Party or Stars?

Right now i have a lot of reasons to put some money back to stars and start grinding over there again.

1.One of the biggest reason is the software. It's just so good and makes life so much easier.

2.The player-pool is definitely softer then on party at off-peak times. I'm used to grind in some hands in the early morning from 06:00 - 08:00. But this is just not possible on party since the player-pool is close to empty.

3.Another really big point is the potential to play higher stakes. There is nothing running in fast forward poker then 100NL. And on stars there is a big player-pool grinding out 200NL and 500NL. I spend a lot of time spectating these stakes and i'm wondering how it's possible to see so many bad players up there. I mean, it's pretty common to see some recs from time to time. But even the regs are showing big leaks in my opinion and i would love to jump into this stakes in a couple weeks.

So, that's it for todays update. The next one will follow after tonights session with another giraffe on the road. Cheers!
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Re: The hidden dreams - SWISS EDITION

One of the best opening posts I've read in a long time, glgl
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Re: The hidden dreams - SWISS EDITION

Originally Posted by Labax View Post
One of the best opening posts I've read in a long time, glgl
Thaank you very much!
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Re: The hidden dreams - SWISS EDITION

Officially back at stars

Well, today i received the news, that my money has transferred to stars and everything is fine.
I left like 3k back on party, so i can play some major tournaments over there on Sundays. Even tho i had the feeling that the player-pool on party is soft, the software just didn't come up for it.

The rakeback is really nice, i made like 300.- this week, and only played a couple thousand hands...

But now it's time to get back to stars, so i can potentially play higher stakes, wich aren't even running on party.

Get things going:

As you can see in my previous post, i made a pretty solid time-table for the upcoming week. It's gonna be a lot of work all together, but i'm stoked af to give it a go.

The grind is officially going to start tomorrow, but i already took some time to set up everything, like my layout, betsliders, buy-in and rebuy function and pokertracker, so i can start grinding right away tomorrow.
The quick session i gave was only a couple hundreds of hands, so nothing to say about it result wise. But i already had so many recreationals at my tables, i wasn't even used to after i came from party. I already think that it's worth the decrease in rakeback. But i will make a clear assumption to that after the first week.

Anyways, here are the stats from my first quickie on stars:

For today i'm gonna play some tourneys on party, and maybe i will be playing some zoom on stars by the way. If i do so, i will post my results afterwards.

If not. I'm gonna get myself enough sleep and start fresh into the upcoming week!

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Re: The hidden dreams - SWISS EDITION

Motivation lvl over 9000!

Guys! Today, me and my buddy we went to visit a house a little up the mountain, and now we are waiting for a response if we can get it or not.
It just covers everything i dreamed about!
I will show you some pictures below.
It's right at the edge to the forrest, where there's a trail up the house-mountain. Wich is one of my favourites in this area. So i could start the trail directly from the garden on in the morning to do my morning running training.
It's epic. Then the garden itself is really nice and big. A lot of stuff to do for sure. But i'm in!
The house itself is old and made of wood. I like that as well. It gives this special touch to it. For me it's close to what i have dreamed of. Now it's all about waiting.

Here are some pictures:

Definitely not the best pics on earth, but now you can see a little bit of what i would like to life. The garden is just so beautiful, and the fact that it's directly in the forrest makes it epic.

After we were visiting that house i had some time left, before i go for a nice dinner with my mom. So i played some more hands. And now i go on. I'm pretty sure i will play the 215 KO on party @20:00. So the grind goes on later on.

Here's my tiny little hands-graph from today so far: ( First time back on stars. )

There was one hand where i lost a full stack in EV. I totally misplayed that one and i really regret my call on the river. It is a clear fold. Most often he holds up A10 at this spot, but i just couldn't lay it down. Really bad play by my side.

Here's the hand:

PokerStars - $1 NL FAST (6 max) - Holdem - 6 players
Hand converted by PokerTracker 4

BTN: 109.47 BB (VPIP: 19.57, PFR: 19.57, 3Bet Preflop: 0.00, Hands: 47)
Hero (SB): 116.94 BB
BB: 101.5 BB (VPIP: 23.08, PFR: 20.51, 3Bet Preflop: 6.67, Hands: 39)
UTG: 110.95 BB (VPIP: 22.22, PFR: 13.89, 3Bet Preflop: 0.00, Hands: 37)
MP: 132.44 BB (VPIP: 15.38, PFR: 11.54, 3Bet Preflop: 15.38, Hands: 29)
CO: 100.9 BB (VPIP: 26.47, PFR: 14.71, 3Bet Preflop: 0.00, Hands: 34)

Hero posts SB 0.5 BB, BB posts BB 1 BB

Pre Flop: (pot: 1.5 BB) Hero has 7 7

fold, MP raises to 3 BB, fold, fold, Hero calls 2.5 BB, fold

Flop: (7 BB, 2 players) T 4 T
Hero bets 3.79 BB, MP calls 3.79 BB

Turn: (14.58 BB, 2 players) 7
Hero checks, MP bets 7 BB, Hero raises to 26.77 BB, MP calls 19.77 BB

River: (68.12 BB, 2 players) A
Hero checks, MP bets 98.88 BB and is all-in, Hero calls 83.38 BB and is all-in

MP shows T T (Four of a Kind, Tens)
(Pre 81%, Flop 100%, Turn 100%)
Hero shows 7 7 (Full House, Sevens full of Tens)
(Pre 19%, Flop 0%, Turn 0%)
MP wins 232.38 BB

Really bad played. It would be nice to start off on stars by making 3 stack in EV over the first thousand hands... And it's definitely possible, since the player pool on 100 ZOOM is ridicules soft. But i ran like a god, so i can't really wine about that over here

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Re: The hidden dreams - SWISS EDITION

Weekend review + first week preview

Well, the weekend is over, and that means the grind is on now. From today on, i'm gonna play 20k hands every week. My goal is to stay within the timetable i made. This includes: work, training, poker, and some spare-time.

I will still post a review after each day ends. And on Sunday late night there will be an overall graph for the week with some detailed facts.

In terms of goals this means:

Goals 14.05.18 - 20.05.18:

Get myself a house in the mountains with a big garden and lot's of sun.
Get used to the rhythm of the zoom grind and move up.

This week:
Play at least 20k hands.
Stay within the timetable.
Work out 5 times.

Daily goals:
Post at least once a day.
Play one chess match as a warm up.
Review at least 5 marked hands.

That's the preview for the upcoming week. I usually start the grind between 18:00 - 20:00. Therefore i play till 02:00 with a one hour break in between from 22:00-23:00. And one five minute break every 55min.
I will post results and review when i finished@ around 02:00, or if i'm too tired i post the review the day after, when i enjoy my morning coffee's.

The weekend:

The weekend was nice. I lost some dollarz in MTT's. I had like one score for 300.- and overall bought in for around 500.-

On Friday i was watching the hockey match between russia and switzerland. Not because i'm a huge fan of team-sports, but becasue i would have made 700.- nett worth if Switzerland wouldn't have failed

Then i played some fast-forward afterwards, still on party, cause i was waiting for my transaction to complete.

Then on Saturday i had a really nice day riding my BMX.
It was sunny, we had couple beers, and we went to the local food festival later on to enjoy some tasty foods.
In the evening we went out and i played the 215.- bounty builder on stars when i came back home quite drunk. I bought in 2min before late reg to celebrate my comeback on stars
Yeah right! I was out after 3 hands played and went to sleep

Then on Sunday i grinded some tournaments on party and played a couple hands on 100 ZOOM back on stars, more or less to get used to everything and make some settings, so i can start the grind right away today.

Right now i'm working till 4. p.m. Afterwards i go for some training and then hit the tables again.

Here are my results on stars so far:
Not much to say about anything with such a small sample of hands.
But the giraffe anyways, since i know how people like them :

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Re: The hidden dreams - SWISS EDITION

Loving the pics, good luck mate!
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Re: The hidden dreams - SWISS EDITION

Originally Posted by topnotchham View Post
Loving the pics, good luck mate!
Thank you very much!
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Re: The hidden dreams - SWISS EDITION

Day 1 / Week 1:

Yesterday should have been the official start to my upcoming daily grind.

I have planed every minute of every day in very detail. And this is important for me, cause i need some structure in my life to achieve something. And especially when you live a life as a vagabond, and travelling around a lot, you want to plan ahead, where and when you can grind.

So, yesterday i drove all the way down to a local restaurant, wich is pretty cool. The chief over there likes me, and he usually reserves my favourite place for me, where i can play and charge my laptop at the same time. ( God, i'm stoked to play on my computer and with my old setup again once we get this house! )

But, i've never been there on a Monday so far. And i will never be
Cause yesterday i learned that: Monday is closed.

I had to laugh out loud and i could see myself standing there with all my stuff, ready to get things going.

Anyways! I did managed to pull of that training from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and at 11 p.m. i arrived at my office. First of all i made a round of chess online to warm up and get in the zone. My opponent was way above my elo, wich was crazy to play, so i decided to make some rematches verses him to learn something new.
At 1 a.m. and after like 10 defeats in a row...i managed to leave and open the stars lobby.

For some reason i felt to tired to play fully focused. So i decided to study some poker instead. I went over some old stuff i had saved on my laptop. Most of all was based on PLO theory.

In the end i didn't played any hands, wich means i'm gonna grind in the hands i missed by the end of the week. I will put in 1 hour more every day so i can get back on pace. Started today. Gonna play till 3 a.m. instead of 2 a.m.

Right now:

Right now i'm still at work, as you can see on my time-table from previous post.
I will finish at around 11 p.m. and i already have set up everything @ the office so i can start the grind right away. Even the coffee-machine is already heaten up
I will make a quick review right after the session before i go to bed.

Btw, i bought myself a little tool, wich should help me to time my sessions better:

Cheers! See you later!
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Re: The hidden dreams - SWISS EDITION

Any updates???
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Re: The hidden dreams - SWISS EDITION


If you have read the thread until here, you might have realised that i was away for always 2 months right after i started posting.

The answer is quite easy:



Actually what happened in this time was following:

Two days after i made the post about the house we went visiting, i got the positive reaction and they told us that we get it, and we could move in as soon as we can.

But the problem was there has been so many things to replace and over 600 square-meters of land to prepare, cause he house was left alone over quite some time.
So we made the decision to move in and prepare everything before the summer started out, so we can get some vegetables and fruit from our own by the end of the summer.

Said and done. But the whole project was taking over me and i was working at the house almost all of my spare time over the last two months. And i totally forgot about playing any cards during this time, cause i'm not in a hurry by any means.

It's better to go slow in the right direction - then going fast into the wrong direction.

( I know the pictures are really bad, but right now i'm at the office and i want to make the post and these are all i had on my phone )

My goal was to start grinding again on the of august.

Right now i'm like 1 week late, whatever.

I have set up my office at home and also a station outdoors, where i can stand and smoke while playing. Or keep a campfire going beside me wich really helps to focus more:

( Why the heck it looks so ****ty on the pictures? xD )

It's actually quite awsome in real life


Sure i do. Right now i even train more then i have done before.
I go running in the morning, followed by a swim in the cold river.
This increases my overall- comfort massive and i start out the day fresh, focused and in a good shape.

I also made a new friend in this time wich plays a big role in my whole process of become a better person over all.
He directly moved in after we met and now we make a lot of mental training together and we try to push each other to really do whatever we said we will.

This is him:

Look how happy he is. For me it didn't even took a minute to decide to let him in.
And i'm very very happy that i made this decision. His strength is his mind and a positive altitude over all. So since almost two month's we are working together very close to get better in everything we do. We focused on meditation and education. We did a lot of exercises to get our minds to new heights.

But enough complaining about what happened. What's way more important is:


Next you ask?
Actually i'm talking to myself right now but, next you ask?

Yesterday I finished all my priorities i had set myself over the last two months. So now i can start focusing on poker again and i'm exited AF.

I still have a lot of work to to at the local climbing gym, but i came up with a solid time- table now, wich should work out quite well to get some hands in smoothly wile getting used to the old poker-routine as well.


I allow myself some more free- time for whatever i like doing then usual.


Just because i was away the last two months, doesn't mean i had no thought about poker in general. I stayed up to date all the time and there's a lot happening in the poker world right now. Like the jnandez-upswing stuff wich is going on. Very interesting.
But in the end i have realised that there are so many posts about, how poker is getting harder, and rake is getting un-beatable on micros. I have read so many threads from people trying to move up stakes and then fail once and give up. And afterwards they blame the poker sites to be rigged and stuff like these.
That made me kind of mad about how things are going and i thought:

Where are all the threads about the guys who start out on the bottom and then grind it all the way up, and give others a motivation to do so as well?

It's sad, but it seems like these threads are getting very less or just stay up for a couple days or weeks before people quit.
I would love to see a thread about someone fighting it up the stakes and give motivation to the community and help to keep the dream alive...

Therefore i took the decision to become that person my own.

( I will definitely play some of my favourite timbeys like the milli or the 109BB from time to time and post about that as well. But my main focus will be the challenge to move up all the stakes, and prove myself and the community that it is still possible if you're ready to put in the hours and a lot of hard work. )


I will use a 50 Buy-in Bankroll-Management to move up and down in stakes as i did in earlier days.

And i will use a very un-othodox system to move up, wich i created and reworked by myself. It's basically very close to the paroli-system, wich is used from casino players to reduce the edge of the house. Just with some essential changes to use it in poker.
I will dive into that in more detail once i started the grind. And i will show you how i created it and use it over the next couple months.

Basically i'm going with 50 Buy-ins for every stake before i move up or down.
I think in No-Limit-Holdem i would be fine with like 30 Buy-ins. But the swings in PLO are much bigger so i will go with that to reduce the risk of ruin a lot.


It's better to go slow in the right direction -
then going fast into the wrong direction.

That's it for now.
I hope to get some people motivated with this thread and subbing to this thread to give me some motivation back to keep this thing alive.

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Re: The hidden dreams - SWISS EDITION

The dream's not over guys!

All good things are three.
That's what we say here. So i decided to give it one more go with this blogging thing.

I will very quickly summ up the last year so i can start fresh and you guys know what's going on over here in the world of fondue and watches.

2018 - An organised mess in itself:

Ok, listen. I had a lot of goals last year, and i was chasing my dream really hard.
Some goals where reached, and others i messed up hard.

But that's how life is, right.

In general i had a pretty successful year outside of poker.
I moved into the house i was looking for. In the beginning i had so much work to do, that it was getting over me quite quick.
I was used to live inside a 2m x 1.8m van for quite some time.

But once i was settled down, i had plenty time to focus on other stuff to get a rhythm in.
In terms of training i would consider myself very successful.
I finished off a lot of old climbing projects of mine close to the area i live in.
And i got a training routine going on to push it even further this year.
This brings us to now.

2019, the thread and i:

Instead of make new threads every time i fail posting and then starting all over again, i found it to be time to continue this one. It's just more honest over all, and maybe it's nice one day to look back and see how i struggled in the beginning to get this thing going.

A new year always brings some new motivation to shine in me.
And as you can guess, my DREAM of raising a bankroll from micros to high-stakes while keeping track on it, is still alive!
Actually i was still playing some tournaments from time to time and ran quite well. Usually just 2, 3 tables on Sundays. My weekly donation in the million is still part of my life, and i could finish of in second place in the 215.- Main on Party as well as some other deep runs in some 109's. I also sattellited into the 530 Bounty Builder, but couldn't get much going. Made a huge hero call with Ace-High for a 1k bounty vs a Russian guy who over-bet jams in the middle stages of the timbey.

Anyways. I was online from time to time, but never really had the motivation to grind it out.

But now i'm ready to give it another go.
I have a brand new setup in my office to motivate even more, and i feel fresh and healthy!
Let's get back on track!

Grinding it out:

So the plan is to start off with a 250 Dollar Bankroll and grinding out MTT's while keeping 100 Avg.Buy-ins in the roll.

There are multiple steps to reach wich are notable.

At 550.- i can include the 5.5.- hyper, wich will definitely be great.

At 1100.- there is plenty of volume including the 11's.

At 2200.- i can go finally play the mini weekly donation as well.

At 5500.- i will drop a lot of lower buy-in tournaments and focus on the 55's.

And from 10900.- on i go for pretty much every 109 running, since these stakes are very soft and i would call this my bread and butter.

The rest is history

I will grind out of the micros as fast as i possibly can. But there is so much variance involved, that it's just not predictable how long it will take.

The next two month's i have really much time beside working to really but everything into it, and hopefully making it happen now!!

Go with the flow guys!

I go with the flow and wherever my path may leads me.
I'm talking about my life and not poker in general.
My focus and my passion for things is one of my biggest strengths.
And right now i feel i get stronger day in day out.
So keep your head up to date!

I wish you all a good start in the new year and a lot of luck and happiness in life!

Lets gooo!
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