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Poker Goals & Challenges Post your threads logging your travels up the poker ladder as you achieve your poker goals and dreams. "Challenges" does NOT mean prop bets, wagers, etc.

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Old 04-18-2017, 02:39 AM   #1
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freeroll to bankroll

Whats up guys. im a broke a$$ ***** trying to run up a roll.i just got fired for the 13th time(not exagerating) from my very prestigous position at a fortune 500 company(subway)and i have no source of income right now. luckily i also dont have any living expenses (living with m0mmy)which is why i choose to waste my valuable time playing freerolls. ever since i made my account about a week ago. i have been grinding freerolls and dumping my money onto the cash game tables. Up untill this point it has been the same song and dance. step1)win a freeroll step2) triple up playing cash games step3) get coolered and proceed to punt of the rest of my roll due to being tilted/a donkey. this time around i vow to skip step 3 and build a roll thats able to sustsain the monstrously hideous swings of variance in 2nl. i have never made an official deposit onto the site so i feel like if i can earn 25$ in freerolls and withdraw that(minumum amount) i could redoposit it and be a little bonus whore. which would make grinding cash a lot easier. as you can tell iAmBadAtPoker(my screen name if any of you sick 2nl grinders wanna come stack me) and although i think i am better than the average freeroll player i am still terrible and would greatly appreciate having some better players than myself to talk hands with and improve. any advice on making it in the money on one of these acr freerolls would be swell as well.
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Re: freeroll to bankroll

Ok so i had a pretty terrible day. cant tell if i was just running bad or playing bad. ive played about 8 freerolls today and havent cashed in any. it might be due to the fact that i am pretty terrible at multitabling yet i decided to have a nonstop stream of 4 tables going on at once. i remember busting out of 4 tournys with about 50 people left when the top ten payed. this is pretty disheartening when you consider the fact that i had to outlast about 6-700 people in each one of them. i feel like i do pretty well in the first levels of the tournys just by playing tight and value betting my good hands. but when the blinds increase and it gets near the bubble and im short stacked i bust out. this might be due to my tendency to always raise when i enter the pot even when i dont have much behind. which i thought was a good thing but now im beggining to wonder if limping might be more profitable when stack sizes get smaller. what are yalls thoughts on mid to late stage freeroll play? and how many tables would you suggest i play at once given the fact that i am terrible at mul;titabling. should i just man up and play as many as possible since i have no money invested into these games or does playing one or two at a time increase my chances of making it into the money so much so that it would be worth the lack of concentration on individual tables?
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