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Poker Goals & Challenges Post your threads logging your travels up the poker ladder as you achieve your poker goals and dreams. "Challenges" does NOT mean prop bets, wagers, etc.

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Cool Following my passion in 2021

Hello there fellow reader,

What is this PG&C about?

In this thread I would like you to take you on my journey to become a poker professional who can compete in the Mtt streets with the best out there.
After a lot of discussions with gf,friends and family and brainstormings I decided that I will cut down my hours in my finance fulltime job so that I can almost play fulltime mtt poker.
For those of you who are wondering why the hell someone would go fulltime when he already has an education and a good career perspective,for me personally its not all about the money. While in 10 years a position in the management would be fairly realistic and would set me for life, I decided against spending 50 to 60 hrs a week doing something that i dont really love.

Today I sealed an arrangment that I can work 30 hours a month completely freely choosed which covers my fix costs. This allows me to really focus on improving my pokergame while not beeing financial depending on my short term results.

Who is Sunrunninginlife?

Im a 27 year old german, longtime lurker of two plus two and somewhat of a Fanboy when it comes to all sorts of televised poker. I am a really competitive person and love that poker in 2021 challenges you to be your best personal self if you really want to succeed. Whether I will make it or not im already thankful that Im in the position that I can follow my passion and and invest everything that I have to make that dream a reality.
Im really lucky that my gf supports me and will give me my shot at a poker career.

My online poker results so far:
Live really low volume but up like 5kish ~

The Challenge:
Focus on Improving to live my dream

While the profit screams that Im not good enough yet to be a fulltime professional this is where I want to start. I will get a coach, one for (gto)strategy and one for mindset. I recently finished one masterclass and started a daily study routine in january. The biggest improvement for me personally was the premium version of primed mind which I can highly recommend especially deep in tournament spots it helped me to keep my focus and play close to my a game even after an 9hr grind.( Thanks Elliot!)

What will be the focus of this pgc?
I dont want to be this thread about short term results because they are not to much in my control, but I want to take you with me on my journey of the processes of improvement, dealing with the ups and downs and handling the pokerlife IRL. I will post update every 2 weeks of my journey.

Longterm goals:
[ ]Winning a major title (WSOP,WSOPC,Scoop,WCOOP..)
[ ]Getting a sponsorship to promote a good site like partypoker ;-)
[ ] complete self awarness and control through the mental improvement
[ ]Winning player in 200€ abi and in Major events vs the best
[ ] Beeing a part and contributing to a good pokernetwork

Shortterm goals:
[ ] Getting a poker coach
[ ] Getting a mindset coach
[ ] Find a study group with similiar goals
[ ] Meditate every day
[ ] 5 Playing days minimum/week
[ ] 20 hours of theory minimum/week
[ ] Stream a deeprun once a week

Why am i posting this here? I want to keep my self accountable and also use this thread as a diary of my processes which will help me to reflect on my doings. Every feedback even the trolls are appreciated and I hope I will bring you some entertaining and motivating posts in the future! Soon Ill post the recap of January. Best regards, Sunrunninginlife
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