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Poker Goals & Challenges Post your threads logging your travels up the poker ladder as you achieve your poker goals and dreams. "Challenges" does NOT mean prop bets, wagers, etc.

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Counter Tilt Blog: My way to NL 25


First a few things about me.
My name Is Earl(not my real name) I'm 28 years old an live Germany. English is not my mainlanguage nor do i pretend to be good at it. So excuse me for irritating statements and other stuff like that thanks to language barriers. I also think im not that good at writing this blog but I'll try my best.

I like Bodybuilding, Basketball, Volleyball, Eating healthy and playing competetive computer games to relax. (fk single player games lol)
I also enjoy good movies or tv series. I watch them in English to improve(you see I'm trying).

My Main attribute is that i can continue doing the same thing over and over again without getting bored of it. That usually is a good thing because over time you always (should) improve. But it hurts me sometimes at poker where i have to force myself to stop because i just would never stop even tho i feel the tilt/rage in me. (catching losses)

My Poker Journey so far: wall of text, nothing important, read tl;tr

tl;tr I sucked and didn't take it to serious. now serious!

The Present day:

I am 28 years old now, Bodybuilding for the least gave me good work ethics and a great mindset (i just tilt...). I have alot of downtime during work which in the past i spend on the newest bodybuilding article etc pp. Nowadays i know what works so i spend that time to improve my pokerskills, i can not watch videos (only without sound) so tips where i can read good articles or guides or books online that would be good help for me since it seems limited (or im to stupid to use the internet).

I ran my 40$ up to 250, grinded in the limits and spend points on tournaments.

The start: Starting NL 5 today in the evening.

The approach:
-I withdraw everything from my account but 100$ to get a fresh start
-20 Buyins for new limit = up
-14 buyins of the old buyin = down
-reading everything i can find in the web
-finishing my 3 books (2 oldschool books)
-post in the micro stakes section on other players hands (mb post spots i find difficult myself)
-update this blog at least every 2 weeks.
-Playing daily at least 1k hands, but most of the days more like 3k and on weekends/vacation up to 10k daily.
-I play 16+ tables unless i just got up a limit since i want to make the best quality desicions then to not run to much risk to be forced to go down a limit again.
-I will not use my points to boost my bankroll. I will play tournaments with them but withdraw when winning money.
The goal: Reaching NL 25 by the End of this year, getting a better player overall

I do not expect to many ppl to read my blog, but that does not matter to me, it is for myself to force me to stay on track and not play tilted to much.
Also in the past i deleted my HUD Database whenever i had a "downswing" *whistle* tilt
I will not post daily, but i will update at least every 2nd week. If u have any questions/tip just feel free to post
I might add a detailed list soon what other poker relevant shortterm goals i have to cross them off once achieved.

Thanks to everyone who read through and to 2p2 for giving me the opportunity to selfcontrol.
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Re: Counter Tilt Blog: My way to NL 25

No questions or tips, just a fellow former "not serious" now "serious" wishing you the best of luck!
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NL2 Here i come

Just a short update of my day 1.
In the timespan of barly an hour i ran well behind ev.
It didn't really put me full on tilt but i only continued with my c game,
Forced down to NL 2 but dont really feel like playing now.

gotta get rid of that feeling that u cant win a single hand.
my ev might be +10ish if i didnt start using my c game,
i made some stupid calls and pushed a maniac allin with 88, got isntant called by 99. even tho i think he calls with q10+ and every fkn pair i still should be behind his range to comfortably just dont to **** like that :d

gonna take a break. going down to NL2 alwasy feels horrible for me.

i wanned to bind in my graph but it does not want to work.

ev =-2$
hands 1,7k

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Re: NL2 Here i come

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Re: Counter Tilt Blog: My way to NL 25

Good luck!!
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