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Poker Goals & Challenges Post your threads logging your travels up the poker ladder as you achieve your poker goals and dreams. "Challenges" does NOT mean prop bets, wagers, etc.

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Best version of myself (Mid to High Stakes)

Hello 2+2 people , i am a midstakes grinder many of you will already know me.I used to play on pokerstars , nowdays i am playing everywhere

I am doing this blog for 2 reasons :

1)To inspire people that it can be done in 2021

2)To keep my self more motivated by setting my goals in public

My main stake is 500NL and my goal until the end of the year is to play 2K and shot 5K , so this thread would close perfectly with a screenshot of me playing 5K.Not gonna say who i am until then , cause i want to update even on bad days and stuff and by saying name i will put pressure on me and i will update less often.

I started from the scratch 4 year ago and grinded through stakes.Its been already a big ride with many ups and downs.My initial goal was to turn my hobby into profession which i did.Now the goal is to go as far as it goes i dont wanna get comfortable to 500 or something.Last year i made around 45K$ on the tables but i dont wanna set money goals or anything for this year.Ofc i will update with graphs etc

So a thing i wanna talk about here is the LinusLove/Redbaron effect.Most of you have already read the Linus thread which is a very inspiring one of course going from nothing to hero or the Redbarons thread with the z500 challenge BUT there are many traps in it(wanna clear i have nothing but respect for them).Many people got the idea that because Linus did it that way ( grinding up through zoom stakes/battling with the best) , this is the way it should be done.I see many people trying to grind their way through zoom games but for evey Linus there are 10.000 failed tries.Why am i saying this?

Because this is the reason i am doing this thread.Guys like Linus in poker or magnus carlsen in chess will make it no matter what , they are very inteligent people with a passion.Thats a combo that it cant go wrong.I am not super clever or something and trust me , if i can do it everyone can do it.

We will not try to copy Linus ,we will try to move up to the High Stakes with Multysiting / Picking good games / having very good soft skills(the hustle will be real).Playing everything from FR to HU and bomb pot games with ante or not if its gonna make sense.Learning GTO is of course very important but in the end what matters is making money cause this is not a GTO competition.I see people playing z500 for ego while there are 0 fish inside all the time? Why? Maybe cause they think this is how the determine success and this is how they think they will became the next Linus or OTB.

During the thread i will talk about other aspects of my life also , will post hh etc.Good luck to all the grinder out there
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Re: Best version of myself (Mid to High Stakes)

GL on your journey, may it inspire others!
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